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Residential Interior Design Services

A home is more than just a building to live in, it is your safe house and the safest place to relax in. However, if the home is not designed as per your wish, it becomes uncomfortable to live in. We understand this very well. This is why Ultra Interio promises to provide you with the best Interior design services in Nepal.  Our interior design services are here to turn your residential building into a home of your dream. Although our residential design services can be customized, the basic interior design services includes these four steps:

  • Design Conceptualization: Prepare the rough design concept of your home interior.
  • Layout Planning: Customize room layout to make the best use of room space.
  • Furniture Planning: Choose and design the best furniture for your room based on the conceptualized space.
  • 3D Visualization: A tour of your home/room in a 3D Graphics showing how the completed product will look like.
  • Construction: Physically re-construct your home interior based on the plans and designs.

By following these steps, we provide you with interior designing for:

  • Kitchen Interior Design: The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of your home. We understand this very well. This is why Ultra Interio is here to provide Kitchen Interior Designs that will make your cooking space aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and comfortable. After all, we understand that good food means a good life. To provide you with the best kitchen experience, Ultra Interio provides you with the best kitchen interior designs, Quality Kitchen Applications, Modern and Modular Kitchen designs, Kitchen layout Planning, and more. Regardless of the space or location, we will turn your kitchen into a masterpiece worthy of mention.
  • Living Room Interior Design: The living room is the part of the house where we wind down and relax. This innate function of living demands it to be a place where you can feel comfortable. Ultra Interio takes inspiration from world-renowned international designs and integrates them into your living room needs to provide you with a living room where you can truly live. We don’t just listen to your requirements, but we provide you with ideas to upgrade them. By combining your needs, international inspiration, and ideas from our creative crew of Interior designers, we turn your living room dream into a reality.
  • Dining Room Interior Design: It’s a pleasant feeling to eat in a room with a great ambiance and good aesthetics. Although it may not seem much, Dining room Interior design affects not just your visual experience but the tastes of food as well. We understand this very well; which is why Ultra Interio is here to design the perfect Dining room Interior for you! A great dining experience for you is our goal! Designing a dining room interior is not just about designing the room, it’s about creating the perfect atmosphere for a satisfying dining atmosphere.
  • Bathroom Interior Design: As a room to cleanse yourself, the Bathroom must be neat. Bathroom interior is not just about looking clean but designing the surface and floor to make them perfect for cleansing your body and soul. Ultra Interio is here to provide bathroom interior designs that make you feel safe and free. Our Bathroom Interior Design services include design elements to make you safe from the “Bathroom Accidents” and “harmful micro bacteria” as well. Since this room is wet, it is easy to slip or bacteria to grow - our design experts will take care of that.
  • Bedroom Interior Design: The bedroom is not just a room; it is the part of our house where we rest and build our dreams. Among all the other rooms, the bedroom is probably the most important part of our house where interior design is a must - because the smallest discomfort can disturb our sleep and peace. Therefore, we, at Ultra Interio, take utmost care to ensure that you get a good night’s rest and a night of healthy sleep. By providing you with the best interior designs to make your bedroom a place of comfort and ease, we help you rest peacefully. To ensure that you get this, we deploy a team of expert interior designers who will listen to your every need and enhance them.