Home Interior Design for Small Spaces -11 Best Ways!

Home Interior Design for Small Spaces -11 Best Ways!

A home is where the heart is - but sometimes our homes are too small to be suitable for our hearts. Let's admit it unless you are someone who is like a hermit i.e someone who loves small, dark and isolated spaces, it is hard for you to feel comfortable there. But sometimes we have no other options. This is why the concept of "Home Interior Design for small spaces" exists.

For us to feel at home in small spaces, this is a great concept. Along with making use of limited spaces, this concept also makes it aesthetically pleasing. After all, the best way to feel at home is to have an aesthetically pleasing place. Even if a small home doesn't connect with our heart, with clever use of Home interior designing for small spaces, at least it will make what little space we have functional and aesthetically pleasing. Do you want to know how to do this?

If yes, then let's continue to our 11 Ideas on Home interior design for small spaces.

1) Use Bright Materials

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One of the primary concerns of those who live in small spaces is the place feeling dark Along a dark place reduces the overall temperature of the room, but it can also make the space more cramped than it already is. Thankfully there are Home interior design solutions for everything. The gist of this idea is rather simple. If you use bright materials, the light will be reflected more. This extra reflection of light can easily make the space feel larger than it is.

On top of this, bright rooms feel warmer and more aesthetically pleasing as well. You can do this in a few ways. Firstly, it is a good idea to paint the room in bright colors. Secondly, using furniture of bright or toned down colors will help a lot as well. When using bright materials for Home Interior designs, there will be that subtle warm feeling aesthetically that will just make the small space seem not so small.

2) Use Pocket Doors

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Pocket Doors might be a new concept for a lot of us. But regardless of if you know the term or not, all of us have seen this type of door. Pocket Doors are just doors that slide sideways to open instead of front and back. And These types of doors are a great way to efficiently use space. The reason is - they slide across the wall. 

Now besides making use of space, pocket doors have a few aesthetic values as well. If you opt for the wooden pocket door, when used with a wooden wall, this will give the entire home an ancient Japanese aesthetic. On the other hand, if you opt for the metal pocket doors, your space will have a minimalistic modern aesthetic. This is a great Home Interior design that is simple, cheap, and functional. 

3) Shrink Dining Table

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While a lot of Nepalese eat on the floor, a lot of us use dining tables - especially since the past few years. But the thing is, dining tables are usually large and bulky. This is not exactly an appropriate home interior design if you have a small space. However, you do have the option of shrinking the dining table. 

While it does place a limit on the total number of people that can eat at once, it is a great way to increase the open space of the house. On top of this, the small dining table can easily be moved to the terrace during parties. This interior home design idea is simple and minimalistic but functional. 

4) Mount the TV on the Wall

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So far we have not talked about using one of the lesser-used spaces in any home, not just in homes with small spaces - The Wall. Walls are some of the most underused spaces anywhere. But it can be used. How about Mounting the TV on the wall instead of a TV stand. This has a few unexpected benefits. Firstly you will save money and space on the TV stand. 

Secondly, it makes use of the wall, thirdly, this smart home interior design concept will keep the TV safe from Children and Pets. After all, children and pets are some of the most destructive forces on the house. And besides, they cannot break what they cannot reach. By the time your children grow up and can reach the mounted TV, they should be old enough to not break the TV.  And this works for virtually any pet - besides cat. They can climb and toss away anything.

Jokes aside, if you are low on space, then mounting the TV on a wall is a great way to create extra space on the floor and make use of the wall.

5) Use Multipurpose Furniture

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There is a lot of furniture that serves more than one function. For example, a well-sized sofa can act as a bed along with a sofa. A flat chair without a hand rest can act as a small table along with being a chair. Or how about, foldable but sturdy iron bords that act both as a small table and an ironing board?

All of these have one thing in common, they do more than one thing. And if you have a small house, then these are the things that you should invest in. They do what they are meant to plus more. Sure this furniture does cost a bit more than their counterparts. But do remember that they function as two pieces of furniture. Not only do Multipurpose Furniture save space, but they also serve money as well. On top of that, they also provide the house with a minimalistic aesthetic which is widely popular in modern times.

So why shouldn't you invest in this Home Interior Designing Idea?

6) Take advantage of Architectural Quirks

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Small Houses have a lot of architectural quirks. If you don't know what an architectural quirk is - they are small unplanned spaces that are unavoidable while constructing small buildings and rooms. But you can make use of these quirks. One of the prime methods to use architectural quirks is to use small nooks around the corners to keep a small table. This will not only make the room feel more symmetrical but also make use of the limited space.

Another way you can make use of the small architectural quirks of your house is by keeping a small table and a mirror at that awkward corner in the washroom. This will serve as both table, chair, and mini workstation. OR how about keeping a bamboo rack on the awkward corner beside the door to use as a shoe rack or book storage? The point is, anything can be made functional and taken advantage of as long as you are a bit creative. While this House Interior design does require a bit of brain-racking, we're here for you.

You can click here and contact us if you are looking for smart home interior design ideas. 

7) Use Mirrors

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The usage of mirrors in Home interior designs is often overlooked when it comes to interior design in small houses- because most of the fancy mirrors are meant for houses with large spaces. But even for small houses, mirrors can be an essential aspect of House interior designs. 

The concept behind using mirrors is rather simple. Mirrors will reflect the light and make the space brighter. But this idea goes a bit deeper than this. Along with reflecting the light, the mirror also reflects its surroundings as well. When a mirror is placed efficiently, it can make the space seem brighter than it is purely through reflection. Along with these, a well-placed mirror adds personality to the space as well. The bonus of being able to check yourself whenever you want within the limited space of your house is an extra feature of this house interior design. 

8) Keep the Room Tone Neutral

Home interior design-small spaces

Having a neutral room tone is one of those tried and tested concepts of Home Interior design. This idea works for both large and small houses. The reason why this idea works is that natural and washed-down colors make the space bigger than it is, sometimes better than bright colors. While you can use bright colors, they are easier to stain. So it is better to go for neutral colors.  

The idea behind this concept is rather simple as well. If you cannot see the corners, of the room, the space will seem bigger than it is. The only downside is that this coloring scheme can make the interior of the house feel bland and flat. to solve this minor issue, you can use furniture of a similar color scheme. Just make sure that the furniture has more texture than the room itself. Good news for you - because this is such a popular design concept, you can easily find furniture and decorations that are in natural color with an added texture. 

This is a smart home interior designing technique that will make your house feel more like a Home.

9) Use Smart Storage

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Storage rooms are some of the most ignored aspects of a house. After all, normal people don't have to worry about storage since they have a room specifically designed for storing things. But if you have a small space inside your house, it can quite easily be filled with useless items or items that are used less. In this case, storage becomes a huge issue. To save this from happening, you should use smart storage.

This means, using multipurpose furniture like beds with extra drawers, desks with multiple drawers. Along with this, you can also use the otherwise useless spaces for storage as well. For example, there is plenty of space under the kitchen sink, under the staircase. You can use these spaces to store things as well. There are also architectural quirks as well that cannot be used for any other purposes. So, why not cover it with a ply and use it for storage? 

The gist of this Home interior designing idea is to make any and every additional space a storage space by using carefully designed panels and drawers. 

10) Creating Zones

home interior design-small spaces

One of the most frequent complaints from those who live in small houses is that their space seems unorganized. While some people thrive in unorganized environments, a lot of us love things organized. The only issue is due to the lack of space, it is hard to keep things organized in small houses. 

How about creating zones? This Home interior design integrates clever use of curtains and minimalistic furniture to create zones within limited spaces make it feel more organized. Let's be honest, you don't need anything more than a table, chair, a small lamp and a socket in a workstation. If used efficiently it doesn't take much space to do this. When you zone your workspace through the use of translucent curtains, it becomes a separate room without decreasing the overall area within the room. 

This home interior design not only organizes the limited space but also adds a bit of an official aesthetic to the entire place. Just be sure not to overdo it. If not, your house will be nothing but a bunch of curtains. 

11) Use wall Desks

home interior design-small spaces

This is the final Trick to maximizing the space in small houses. In this Home Interior design trick, all you need to do is spend a bit of money and make a customized wall rack. This will save your floor space and make use of the free space on the wall. 

If used wisely, a wall desk can even provide you with a small workstation. But even if it doesn't, it will provide you with a bit more space for small items at the very least. As long as you customize and design it well, a wall desk is a huge asset for any small house. Similar to creating zones, it is very easy to go overboard here. So before you make a wall desk, be sure to consult with home Interior Design Experts.

In the End

Home interior design

Despite the limited space, there is a lot of smart Home Interior designs that you can use in a small house or a room. It just takes a bit of creativeness. While a lot of tricks here do revolve around maximizing space and making your small space look brighter, do remember that it is easy to go overboard. No one likes a house filled with mirrors and wall desks. So while it is indeed necessary to make use of every available space in a small house, it is also necessary to keep the aesthetic in mind. After all, it is the place you live in and it cannot be your home your house doesn't look pleasing to your own eyes.

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