10 Best Toilet Designs For Your Home!

10 Best Toilet Designs For Your Home!

Before we begin, we have to clarify that while Toilet and bathrooms are similar, they are not the same. A bathroom can have a toilet and a toilet can be your bathroom but they are essentially different things. Toilet in simple terms is a space where you urinate and defecate. If you use this space to take a bath by adding showers and bathtubs, it can turn into a bathroom. Without these external additions, what you have is a toilet. Now with this out of the way, let's start talking about the Toilet Designs!

Yes, we will be talking about the interior of a toilet. As much as you want to ignore this part of the house, a well-designed toilet leaves a good impression on people. The reason is rather simple. If you are careful enough to care about how the toilet looks, then people will assume that you are careful and clean. 

It is estimated that an average person spends around 12 minutes on the toilet each day. This average estimation is rising since a lot of youths love to relax and use their cell phones. The average time on the toilet is rising to 30 minutes in some households. 

Since we spend so much time in this room, toilet design naturally affects how our day will go as well - especially since this is the first room people visit as soon as they wake up and the last room they visit before they go to sleep. And this is why we are here to provide you with 10 Toilet Design Ideas to make your day go well. 

1) Keep it Bright

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Bright light keeps us awake, we all know this by now. Along with this, we also have greater visibility in a room with adequately bright light as well. One more benefit of having a bright room is that this gives us an illusion of the room being bigger than it is. 

Since toilets are usually small (unless they are attached to a bathroom or a shower) keeping them bright is always a good idea. On top of this, having a bright toilet can also prevent us from slipping. There is a surprisingly large number of reported injuries caused by slipping in the toilet. 

So, keeping the toilet bright is not only good to wake up or stay awake, but it is also helpful to not get injured. A well-lit toilet also helps with claustrophobia (fear of cramped spaces) that a lot of people suffer from as well. 

You can use a combination of bright tiles and lights to have achieved this effect. Just be sure to not go overboard as if the room gets too bright, it can easily alleviate your stress since too much brightness is associated with the alleviated mood be it good or bad. 

2) Go Completely Dark

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Besides making the toilet bright, you can keep it dimly lit and dark as well. While there is an increased risk of slipping in a dark toilet, a dark room is also easy on the eyes. Dim light is also associated with relaxation as well. 

So this is great for people who just want to relax and finish their activity with relative peace. Besides this, a dark room is generally good for your intent on the toilet as well. You are here to let out inner waste so doing so in dim relaxing light can help you make it happen quicker.

Besides this, if you play with your lights well, a dark room can feel just as large as a well-lit room. On top of this, if you use dark tiles with grey backgrounds, then you can add some mysteriousness to your toilet as well. And there is always that goth aesthetic to a dark toilet, especially when paired with dark tiles. 

You do need to keep in mind the dangers of reduced visibility. But as long as you know what you are doing, a dark toilet is one of the best toilet design ideas to relax, albeit a bit unusual. 

3) Hide it from the bathroom or shower!

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Not everybody wants to see their toilet. Some of us are a bit sensitive and don't want us to see this place, especially when taking a bath. Besides this, toilets are located in rather open places as well. Due to this, having an open view might not be the best option. 

So why not hide it? All you need to do is keep the air fresh and use a small partition to hide your toilet. All you need to do is hang in a curtain between the shower/ bathroom and the toilet. 

Hiding a toilet from the bathroom can help you while taking a bath or a shower. On the flip side if you hide your toilet or partition it from the bathroom/ shower you can also be relieving yourself without additional thoughts of showering and or bathing. Besides, you can use a well-decorated curtain to do this which can help you kill time while you do your business. 

4) Only use the necessities

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For most of us, toilets are small rooms with limited space. Despite this, it can get quite cluttered, especially if we use this room to freshen up. This means that it is common to have disagreed brushes, used up toothpaste, empty cleaners, random shampoo bottles, and so on. Remove all of these and keep only what you need in a toilet. For most of us, these things include toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, a towel, plunger, cleaner, and a brush. Besides this, you don't need anything - not even a magazine. 

This toilet design idea is meant to save space and has as much open area as possible during the few moments of relieving yourself. Besides, if it is filled with random things, it is an easy trip and bumps into these items. Along with this, people with anxiety can find it especially hard to relieve themselves in ones that are filled with useless things like the ones we mentioned. 

Keep it neat and only make space to keep the absolute necessities in your toilet to have a neat aesthetic and increase your safety. This toilet design idea is simple and can be combined with virtually any design concept. 

5) Use reflective tiles

Toilet Designs

This toilet design idea goes back to playing with the light. Regardless of if you like your room of relieving yourself to be dark or bright, a little bit of shine can make it just that much better. Although you probably wouldn't want the floorings to be mirror polished, some distorted reflections can be quite fun to have in this room. 

Besides adding this small bit of fun aspect, using reflective tiles also helps the toilet be brighter. Depending on the color and reflectiveness of tiles, you can use a small source of light to make the entire room quite bright. 

The good thing about this toilet design idea is that you will have full control over the type, color, placement, and texture of the tiles. As long as you don't mess up the theme of the initial toilet design by using reflective tiles at random places, there are virtually no restrictions to using these toilet design ideas. Just be sure to remember that reflective tiles are a bit more slippery than non-reflective ones due to the additional layer of coatings. You should remember this especially if you have used such tiles on the floor. 

6) Look out for space Savers

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As we mentioned, toilets are generally small parts of your house. You either intentionally design a small room to be a toilet or separate it from the shower/ bathroom to make it a small space. So it is necessary to look out for space savers. 

The more open space your toilet has, the better is for you, especially if you are a claustrophobe. But even if you are not a claustrophobe, a toilet that is filled to brim with accessories is never a good place to relieve yourself. It will feel cramped and congested  - and this can affect your bowel movements. 

So when making up a toilet design, always look for ways to save space. You can do it by smartly designing the corners, Stool placement or just using space-efficient accessories. But if you must use a relatively large accessory in a toilet, be sure to install it in a space-efficient way. 

7) Use Wall Ledge 

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This toilet design idea is all about efficiency. Instead of using shelves and cabins to palace your necessities, use a wall ledge. Not only will you save space but you will also have easy access to your inventory by using this toilet design idea. 

Besides this, if you use a well-crafted wall ledge, then you can add in some much-needed aesthetic to your toilet as well. That being said, well-designed wall ledges can be a bit expensive. The good thing about this toilet design idea is that as long as you have a few strong nails and a wooden plank, you can implement this design idea.

All you need to do is drill holes on the wall and screw the planks securely to have a wall ledge. You do need to be careful about where you drill and place the ledge though. If you drill close to a pipeline or an electric circuit, things can get quite dangerous. 

Besides this, you will bump into your ledge a lot and potentially injure yourself if you keep it near the door or the toilet seat. The best option is to keep one in a corner near the ink or in the furthest corner from the door. 

8) Choose optimized Furniture and accessories

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As you may have guessed, this toilet design idea is about saving space again. Now, while you can use a wall ledge for smaller toilets, if you have one that is, then you might want to use furniture. 

These may include shelves to hold cleaning inventories, simple chairs to reach the top of the shelf, cabins to hold freshening supplies, toothbrush holders, and towel holders. If you are using this furniture in your toilet, be sure to pick one that is optimized for space. 

While this doesn't mean that you need to pick the smallest one, it is always a good idea to have some extra space. Pick one that you think will fit all your accessories and supplies without consuming too much space. Additionally, besides being functional storage space, you can pick those that have good designs. Since you will be using them, why not make the best of it and use furniture to add in a bit of additional charm to your toilet?

9) Curve some surfaces

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While there is nothing wrong with regular angular surfaces, they can be a bit boring. So adding in some curves to your toilet might just be the thing that you need. Not only will adding in some curves can make it interesting, but it can also save you from potential injury as well. Sharp and angular edges can be quite painful after all. 

We do not recommend this toilet design for small toilets due to the lack of options besides toilet sinks. But as for the bigger or medium ones, you can use these toilet design ideas in a lot of places. You can install a curved sink, curved cabin, or curved water storage system in the larger toilets. 

If your toilet is connected with the shower or bathrooms, you can even use a curved divider to separate the two sections of the same room. This toilet design is all about aesthetics. But you do need to check your wallet as some of the curved surfaces can cost a bit more than the regular ones. 

10) Add in a Shower Niche

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For those who don't know, a shower niche is a customized open space in the wall that can be used for storing amenities. You can either turn this into a closed cabin or use it as a wall ledge, the choice is yours. 

But regardless of how your use this toilet design idea, it will save space and look aesthetically pleasing all at the same time. The best thing about this design idea is that it can be applied to virtually any wall. You can even use this toilet design idea along with careful color/ wallpaper plannings to turn this into secret storage space as well.

The only issue with this toilet design idea is that you need a thick wall in your toilet. So if your toilet is separated by dry walls or thin walls in general, you won't be able to use this brilliant toilet design idea.

In the end

Toilet Designs

As you may have guessed, most of the concepts used in toilet design are about saving space and playing with the lighting. The toilet is a room/ space that we mostly ignore, to begin with, and are usually small spaces only meant to relive yourself. 

So it is understandable that people don't often care about its interior. But is also among the few places where we can completely relax so this often ignored aspect of interior design is just as necessary as the ones in your bedroom or kitchen.

If you found this entertaining and helpful, why not check out some of our other articles on interior design? And if you want expert advice on interior design, contact us by following this link here.