Modern Kitchen Design – 8 Effective Interior Design Ideas!

Modern Kitchen Design – 8 Effective Interior Design Ideas!

Good food means good health and a good life! But to cook good food, you need to have a healthy and stable mind as well. 

Do you know what creates a bad mental state? The Room Interior! Think about it, if you have an ugly kitchen, then you will naturally be repulsed every time you enter it. This can naturally affect your cooking as well. On top of all these, the kitchen is also the place that is filled with sharp objects - we are talking about the Knives and skews that we use to cook. 

The danger doesn't just end here either. The kitchen is also home to some of the heaviest electrical equipment and/or gas fuel as well. Now if you are distracted and repulsed by the kitchen interior, then you can easily mess up with these things. 

This can easily lead to some pretty disastrous consequences. So as you may have seen, a bad kitchen design isn't just bad for your cooking mood but is potentially life-threatening as well. Got scared? Don't worry for we are here to cure just this. Here we have 8 modern Kitchen Design ideas that are sure to make your kitchen a better place. 

After all, a well-designed kitchen will produce good food and good food means food life. 

1) Start with the antique piece

Modern Kitchen Design

Unless you are constantly on the move without a permanent residence, most of our households have an antique piece. It can be anything such as a closet, chest, table, stool, or even just a few planks of wood. We don't normally think much about these pieces. A lot of them are probably rotting in our storage, just waiting to be disposed of. 

Why not use them in your kitchen? With a bit of cleaning and varnishing, a lot of wooden pieces can look surprisingly good. These antique pieces have a unique rich aesthetic with them that cannot be explained, just felt. If we have to put the feeling given by the antique pieces into words, it would be "a strange sense of familiarity and homeliness". 

Along with this, using them will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to kitchen furniture as well. This kitchen design idea is both cheap and effective. But the best part about this kitchen design idea is its versatility. You can use antique pieces in just about every theme of kitchen design, be it modern or antique -  as long as you place the furniture or antique pieces well.

2) Balance between dark and light

Modern Kitchen Design

As we mentioned, Kitchen is filled with dangerous objects. You have knives, gasses, electrical outlets, and running water at the same location. So good visibility is a must. One of the best ways to ensure good visibility is to keep a good balance between dark and light colors in the kitchen. This doesn't mean that your kitchen has to be black and white. Although alternating between pure black and white is one of the best ideas to maintain the balance between dark and light, you can play with different colors like cream and brown, beige and blue, light and dark grey, or cya and dark green. 

All of the mentioned color schemes can be used to perfectly balance the light level of a kitchen. One common that comes around whenever this modern kitchen design idea gets thrown around is "shouldn't kitchen be all bright? Why use dark color at all?" Well, the simple answer to that is "too much brightness can strain your eyes". 

Along with this, by balancing between light and dark in your kitchen, you will create a calm and peaceful environment. Not only that, but this modern kitchen design idea is also a great way to show your belief in "life is a balance between dark and light" as well.

3) Bright tiles

Modern Kitchen Design

While we did say that too much brightness can strain your eyes, we never said you can't use bright color schemes at all. In fact, you are recommended to use bright colored tiles to enhance the light level and the mood in the kitchen. It is said that bright colors enhance our emotions. And in the kitchen, you surely need an enhanced sense of self if you want to cook well. 

You can use bright tiles in walls, floorings, sink, and cabin for these are some of the most prominent surfaces in the kitchen. Besides enhancing light and mood, the use of bright tiles also has some more benefits - they are easy to clean. Unless you ignore cleaning the kitchen at all, tiles are one of the easiest surfaces to clean. This is helped by the fact that tiles are hard to stain unless you do some crazy stuff as well. 

Now when you combine the enhancement of mood, light, and ease of cleaning, the use of bright tiles is easily one of the simplest and best modern kitchen design ideas out there. What's more, it is versatile as well.

4) Use Shiny Black tiles to bounce light

Modern Kitchen Design

Color is not the thing that can be used to maintain the light of the room - the reflectiveness of the surface plays a big role as well. While using black tiles as a concept to enhance the light level may seem paradoxical when you add the shininess to the mix, it really does make a lot of sense. We do use dark reflective car windows as a mirror at times. 

Not only do shiny black tiles reflect light, but they also add a unique aesthetic to the kitchen as well. The only catch is that you need to plan well before adding shiny black tiles to your modern kitchen design. If you use it at the wrong location or too much, this design idea can easily revert. Instead of getting a kitchen with unique aesthetic and moderate brightness, you can easily create a gloomy and depressing atmosphere. While it is perfect for those who follow goth culture, it's not really appealing to the rest.

We suggest you only use black shiny tiles in places where it receives good lighting for instance behind the heater/ gas stove, on the preparation station where you normally clean and cut your meals, and on top of cabins. 

5) Use Yellow for bubbliness

Modern Kitchen Design

What is the color of happiness? While the answer may depend on who you are, we bet that a lot of you came up with "Yellow". Yellow is one of the widely known positive colors in the world. So, why not use it in your kitchen? You don't have to paint your entire kitchen yellow, just use it in important places to get the slight yellow tinge to your kitchen ambiance. 

Since "Use Yellow in Kitchen" is a rather general modern kitchen design idea, you can find a wild range of possibilities to implement this idea. Virtually any surface can be turned yellow through the use of different mediums. Use yellow paint on walls, yellow tiles on cabins, yellow marble on the floors, and aged and yellowed woods for the pantry walls. Just be sure to use some other colors to contrast with the yellow as well in order to avoid oversaturation.  

But if you love this color, there is no harm in making your entire kitchen yellow. It is your kitchen after all and if you love yellow, use it to your heart's content. Just be sure to use different shades of yellow if you want to paint the whole kitchen yellow to have some variations. 

6) Curtains

Modern Kitchen Design

When people think about Modern kitchen design, they often underestimate the power of curtains. It's just a piece of cloth so what difference will it make right? Wrong, curtains can either set or destroy the mood of the entire kitchen. Curtains are usually used as a way to block direct sunlight from the window. This means that depending on the thickness and color of the curtain, the light brightness and color can be controlled to a great extent. 

A thin green curtain can easily turn the bright yellow light of the sun into bright green light and a thick brown curtain can easily block the sunlight to a great extent. Along with this, you should not forget that, unlike walls, you can control the length of the curtains as well. This becomes handy, especially at night. For instance, you can install curtains that have half the height of your house but go from one corner to another to change the design and ambiance given by that section of the wall. 

Let's not forget that you can virtually use curtains on every vertical surface with just two nails and one string. Use curtains that compliment the color of the wall to get the best results from this design idea. Along with this, also keep in mind that the texture and thickness of the curtain affect the ambiance of the room as well. 

A thin and silky curtain has elegance, thick and heavy curtain signals strength, thin but fuzzy curtain demands protection and thick but fluffy curtain asks for cuddles. 

7) Stained Glasses to hide Ugly Outside

Modern Kitchen Design

Let's admit it, not everyone has a great view from their kitchen. In fact, some of us are so unfortunate that there we need to cope with a view of a dumpster right outside our kitchen. These elements are not a part of our kitchen interior design but directly affect how we feel inside one. How can we fix this? The answer is rather simple - out of sight out of mind. Just cover the windows and doors that lead to the direct ugly view with stained glasses. 

You can either get simple transplant glasses to simply block the view without affecting the light level too much or get creative with mosaic designs. The first choice is simple and is more about functionality. As for the second option of using stained glass as a part of your modern kitchen design, you can go wild with it. Create an image of a sweet puppy using a combination of brown and yellow stained glass chips or a landscape using broken bits of blue, yellow, and green glasses. The possibilities are endless.

And if you are worried about not getting fresh air, you can simply open the windows and doors when you are not in the kitchen or use small holes as a part of the design should you choose to use mosaic art. The only issue with this is that creating art from stained glasses can be a bit expensive and tedious. But besides this, it is one of the best modern kitchen design ideas to keep the ugly outside away from your kitchen. 

8) Hang in an artwork

Modern Kitchen Design

While we are on the theme of using art to make hide the ugliness outside your kitchen, let's talk about the intended purpose of art, to create a good ambiance, become a conversation starter, and make the interior look better. And this is why installing art in your kitchen is a good modern kitchen design idea. Hang a good art piece in empty but visible spaces in your kitchen. This not only fills up the barren empty place in your kitchen with a good visual treat but also adds a bit of human touch to the cold walls. 

If you have a social event, which you will have unless you avoid people, an art piece in the kitchen is a great conversation starter. You can start a conversation with art and later move on to other topics as you and your accomplice do kitchen duty. As with creating art with stained glass on the windows and doors, you have complete control over the art piece you want to display as well. 

The only issue you might face while using this modern kitchen design idea is money. Great art costs great money. But if you are willing to, you can get a few decent pieces of art within a few thousand rupees. The quality won't be as great as the original ones, but they will be worth your money. 

Before we go,

Modern Kitchen Design

These are just some of the modern kitchen ideas out there and we have just covered the surface in the world of kitchen interior designs. But that being said, the general concept of every one of these design ideas remains the same. Balance the light, fill the room with your home color, create contrast, add textures, and hide the bland and ugly parts of the kitchen. 

If you found this interesting, you can check out some more of our articles mentioned below. Or if you require expert advice on interior designs, you can contact us.