10 Home Decoration Ideas: Easy and Simple

10 Home Decoration Ideas: Easy and Simple

Home is not just a shelter; it is a feeling of peace and comfort. This is why you should be very careful when planning the interior design for your home. The good news is that regardless of how small or big your home is, there is always a perfect interior design for you. 

The same goes for the rooms in your home as well. Regardless of if it is an interior design for your bedroom or a Modern Kitchen Design, there is always a perfect design for you. 

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Simple Ideas for Home Decorations

Let's talk about some simple ideas for home decorations. Rather than focusing on the specific rooms, we will be talking about home decorations for the overall home. Let's get started

1) Set up a Reading spot


It doesn't matter if you are an avid reader or someone who hates reading; a reading spot is a great idea for your home decoration. If you are an avid reader, then you get one more spot for reading in your home interior. If you are not an avid reader, then you get an attractive spot to think and do other desk activities. 

The best part about this home decoration idea is that it is cheap, can be done in a small space, and makes an effective way of the additional spaces. To set up a reading spot, you just need a desk, a chair, and some reading lights. With this bare minimum of furniture, you can get yourself a nice place to relax and chill. 

The place to set up this spot is nearby windows, but you can set this up in small unused corners of your house. Additionally, you can add in some small pencil holders, flower vases, and night lamps in order to make things look better in this home decoration idea. 

2) Set up a Breakfast Nook


Are you a foodie who loves to snack every now and then? Then this is the perfect interior idea for you. All you need to do is set up tables at unused corners of your house, add in a holder for spoons and some napkins, and you will have a nice breakfast nook in your house. 

This home decoration idea is one of the best ideas for a few simple reasons. First of all, this design idea is easy and affordable to set up. The next reason is that you can effectively use the unused corners. Another reason why setting up a breakfast nook is a good home decoration idea as you can enjoy snacks outside your dining room without making a mess.

Having said this, you do need to be careful while setting your breakfast nook up since you need to match the room's theme. Although you can set this nook in just about every room, the best rooms for this home decoration are Living Room Interior Design, bedroom interior designs, and interior designs for gaming rooms. You can eat in the kitchen and dining rooms. You should not eat in the toilet and bathrooms. 

3) Add a Small Stool to your Bathroom


Just because you can't add in a breakfast nook in your bathroom, it doesn't mean that you can't add in any furniture out there. You can add a small stool to your furniture in your bathroom. As long as your stool matches the theme of the bathroom, then you are all good to go. 

This is an especially good idea if you have wide unused areas in your bathrooms. This will not only create a spot to add in further decor items, but you can also use the stool to function as a makeshift workstation as well. 

If you plan to use a wooden stool in your bathroom interior designs, be sure to sun dry the wooden stool every once in a while. If you don't do this, the stool can easily get rotten and get damaged easily. On the flip side, if you are planning to use a metal stool, be sure to keep it far from electrical outlets in your bathroom. If you fail to consider these things, this nice home decoration idea can easily turn into a disaster. 

4) Use Rustic furniture

rustic furniture

Rustic furniture is among some of the simplest methods to make your home interior unique. If you are confused about what rustic furniture means, they simply mean simple furniture that has countryside aesthetics. One of the best examples of this is furniture made from bamboo or unbarked branches. 

While we do agree that the raw, rustic furniture is somewhat uncomfortable to sit or work in, you can easily add in some soft cushions and remove this drawback. Another possible disadvantage is that rustic tables can be somewhat expensive, depending on your location. However, if you are looking to make your home interior feel different and unique, this home decoration idea is one of the best ways to do it. 

Adding in the rustic furniture will add in the feeling of a "simple but complex" aesthetic to your home. The good news about this design idea is that you can implement this in virtually any room in your house. Furthermore, if you have some craftsmanship and/ or artistic skills, all you need is to find some branches and wooden pieces and then use your skills to make yourself a home decoration piece. This is one of the simplest decorating crafts for you to use in your home decor.

5) Add in Organizing Furniture

home decoration

A messy space means a cluttered mind. This is why you should always keep your surroundings organized. This being said, it is tough to keep things organized. So why not use some tools and arrange the furniture? 

Tools like cloth hangers, pencil cases, and bookshelf help you keep your rooms organized and serve as decor pieces. This is a prime example of dual functionality. That being said, you can keep your things organized without the organizing tools. It will be more challenging and a bit messier, but it is still possible. But why take the risk when you can get the best of cleanliness and attractive decor? 

These tools won't cost much, and installing them is pretty straightforward. Unless you are someone who finds peace in mild or neutral chaos, this home decorating idea is sure to be an attraction for you. 

6) Layer up Multiples Rug Patterns

rug for home decoration

This home decoration idea can be expensive, depending on the rugs you use. However, this is one of the best interior design ideas if you want to make use of your floor. 

The floor is one of the most ignored aspects of your room, so adding multiple layers of rugs with different patterns is a good idea. The concept of this home decorating idea is relatively simple. Rugs cover the floor; they keep the cold at bay and add floors colorful and attractive. 

As we mentioned before, these home decoration ideas can be a bit expensive. If you want to use handmade rugs, you will need to spend a considerable amount of money. On the flip side, you can use cheap machine-made rugs as well. As long as you stay within the budget and match the color of the mats with the theme of the room, then you will be good to go. 

7) Add in an Oversized Art Piece

art piece for home decoration

Let's be honest here; walls are some of the most ignored aspects of home design. We rarely do anything for the walls besides paint and wallpapers. There are a few other options besides adding textures, color, and wallpapers. However, you can add in an oversized art piece to decorate your walls. 

Depending on the art piece, you may need to spend quite a lot of money. However, if you are tight on budget, you can find copy works (art pieces made by art students or those just practicing) for a relatively low price. But regardless of how much you spend, every paisa you spend on a gallery wall will be worth it. 

Not only is an oversized art piece an excellent idea to decorate the empty wall, but it is a great conversation starter as well. Although your family may be used to the art piece, your guests probably won't be. Therefore if there is an awkward moment between you and your guest, you can just use this home decoration to start the conversation and take the lead. 

It is a great decoration piece to show off if not for anything else and can serve as a symbol of status. 

8) Paint your Floors

painted floor for home decoration

This is probably one of the cheapest and simplest methods of home decoration. All you need to do this is grab some paint and cover your floor with them. This is much simpler than covering the floor with expensive rugs. Choose a color and lay it out. This is an easy DIY home decorating idea that you can use.  

The best part about this home decoration idea is that you can implement painted floors in just about every house room. Furthermore, if you make a mistake while painting the floor, then you can simply repaint it or cover it up with a rug or a floor mat. 

As long as your floor color matches the room's overall theme and you have house shoes to walk on during the winter, painting the floor is one of the simplest and easiest interior design hacks out there. 

9) Bold Floor Lamp in the Unused Corner

home decoration

Regardless of who you are, there will always be an unused corner in your house. This is just what houses are, and you cannot make use of every corner of the house - except you can. As you may already have seen, you can use the reading desk and breakfast nooks to use the unused corners of the room. 

Besides this, you can use a bold floor lamp in that unused corner of your house. You will get an additional light source when you are using the lamp. When you are not using the lamp as a source of light, then you will get a different decor piece. 

The best way to implement this home decoration idea is to choose an eye-catching floor lamp that stands out with a customizable light. This can be a great way to add some use and fun to the otherwise ignored corner of the house.

10) Go Minimalist


Going minimalist is all the trend in modern times. The minimalist design saves space, keeps the interior design simple, and opens up more space in your home. The concept of using this home decoration idea is simple - only use the things that you need and nothing else. 

This home design concept has a few benefits. First of all, it is light on the budget. Secondly, you get more use of the limited space you have, and thirdly, you add the modern aesthetic to your house. Use simple chairs and multipurpose tables. Simple energy-efficient light works excellent with the minimalistic design. This includes minimalistic kitchen cabinets, simple desks as well as modular desks for your bedrooms. 

Although the initial investment for this type of home decoration may be slightly high since you will be using minimalistic and compact furniture along with energy-efficient home appliances, it will pay off in the long run. 


home decoration

Here we talked about 10 of the simplest ideas to decorate your home. This is not a step-by-step guide but rather a collection of tips for your home decor. These interior design ideas for your home are efficient, simple to understand, and will add more functionality as well as aesthetics to your home. Although some of these home decoration ideas can be quite a bit expensive, you have the options to get them for cheap as well. 

Furthermore, these are just some of the examples of home decoration ideas. You can have a theme and create your own ideas for interior designs. And if you have no idea where to start, we are here for you. Contact us if you are seeking a one-stop solution for your interior design problems. We are Ultrainterio, the interior experts, after all.

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