Best House Design in Nepal

Best House Design in Nepal

A house is not just a shelter; it is a place to dream, a place to seek comfort, and a place to build your life. This is why when we are involved in home construction, we intend to make it last a lifetime and be our safe place.

They say home is where your heart is. However, for most of us, our heart is with our house. But what if we didn't like how our house looked? Then naturally, it will be a simple piece of shelter and nothing more. Besides this, our house is our base of operation. Therefore, besides being comfortable to look at, it should be functional. 

The good news about this is, you have a wide range of designs to choose from. As long as you have the financial strength, you can have the beautiful house design of your choice. 

So what are some of the popular House Designs in Nepal? Let's find out!

Best House Design in Nepal

Is there an objective “best house design in Nepal?” Definitely No! The best house design for you is the one that gives you the most comfort and the feeling of home. However, there are a few house designs that become popular and common. 

These designs have either been passed down through generations of traditions or are recently adapted according to the conveniences. Besides these reasons, some people might just have a different sense of aesthetic based on their upbringing.

With all of these factors, there are a lot of house designs in Nepal. However, among the plethora of designs, you will likely encounter these types slightly more often. If you are unsure of what home design to pick or in need of home designing, you have organizations that provide expert architectural designers and interior designers. 

Below we have listed some of the best home designs in Nepal:

1) Green Home Designs

home design in nepal

Although Green homes are a relatively new House Design concept, it has become incredibly popular in their short existence. The core concept behind this type of home construction is sustainability and environment-friendly. 

Because of this, the houses are built to be environmentally friendly. You can easily find homes integrated with solar panels and water collecting groves and wastewater filtration systems in just about every location in Nepal. These types of home designs are all about integrating functionality into regular houses. 

The best aspect and reason behind the rising popularity of Green Home Designs is that these types of homes are cost-effective. Although they are somewhat expensive to install, Green Home Designs will recover that cost and more through energy savings in the long run. 

2) Bungalow Design Homes

If you are someone with adequate finances, why not go for the Bungalows? Sure, you will need a large area, but this is about building a shelter filled with your dreams and hopes after all. 

The good news is that with the progress of time, the accessibility of Bungalow style home designs is increasing. These homes have a modern look, with adequate space, and are filled with the latest features. 

If people could afford it, they would for sure always choose Bungalow Design homes. You can easily find these home designs in unexpected residential areas like Jwagal Near Shankhamul, near the Lazimpat area of Kathmandu, or near the Imadol area. If you are opting for this home design, then you might want to hire some landscape designers. 

As a side note, we would like to inform you that you will need to spend a few tens of lakhs in minimum to afford these home designs. If you cannot afford them but still have that itch in your heart that doesn't go away, you do have a second-best option. 

3) Modern Home Design

modern home design

Modern House Designs are probably the closest you can get to a Bungalow without spending exceeding your limited budget for home construction or purchase. 

In all honesty, modern homes are simply mini bungalows. Besides the reduced space and lack of gardens, the core concept is essentially the same. Make the house highly functional with technology and have a sleek and angular design concept. 

These home designs are all about creating harmony between style, functionality, and technology. You can easily find these types of house designs in new urban settlements in just about every city of Nepal. 

4) Small Efficient Homes

You may have noticed this problem, but we seriously lack spaces for housing in Modern times. If you move to the urban area for facilities, then there is an existing lack of spaces. If you stay in the countryside or villages, then you may not be able to afford to build a home. 

Small but efficient homes are the perfect solution to this issue. Although you will lack some freedom of wide movement spaces along with smaller bedrooms and living room design, you get an efficient and cozy home where everything is just a few steps away. 

The best part about this home design is that because the houses are relatively small with an average of two and a half floors, they are virtually prone to natural disasters - as long as the base is stable and you are not near flood-prone areas. Along with this, they are quite cheap as well. 

Similar to modern house designs, you can find small but efficient home designs virtually everywhere in Nepal. If you want professional Interior Design for Small Spaces, you can simply let us know.

5) Minimalistic home with Open Space

This type of home design is perfect for those who have a decent financial ability but don't want a big house. You can have a minimalistic or a modern house with open gardens and lawns around it for a perfect blend of two home design aspects. 

If you think that this is a strange home design, you are not the only one. Having a small house surrounded by a large garden is a rather odd choice. However, it does offer a distance between the busy streets and your home. This is something that a lot of city dwellers seek and probably one of the biggest reasons why this home design is quite common in newer settlements. 

Besides, the core concept is quite convincing. You get your own piece of heaven and isolation while being surrounded by your community. Yes, you need landscape designers for this type of house design as well. 

6) Cultural House Design

Is culturally designed homes a normal occurrence? Probably not, but they sure are popular. 

Let's admit, cultural house designs are not the most functional among the bunch, but if you are going to a house that represents your identity as a part of the culture while being decently efficient for regular tasks, then it is probably the best home design for you. 

There is really not much to say about this home design. They are niche types of homes that are good to look at and decently comfortable to live in. The only small issue that might keep you away from this home design is that you may need to spend a good bit of money on the design.

7) Cottage Design

Similar to cultural home design, a cottage is not the most functional of the home designs. However, they are super comfortable to live in. These houses are usually made from clay bricks and straw or tin roofing. This combination has quite good insulating properties and is extremely good for keeping your house warm during winter (tin roof helps a lot) and cool during winter. 

This thermal insulating property combined with early feeling from straw decorations and wooden interior gives an extremely comforting feeling. 

Besides this, this type of home is aesthetically attractive as well. The only issue with cottage design homes is that you will need to spend more on functional installation. But, if you can afford that, there should not be an issue with the functionality. 

This type of home is commonly found in the countryside in Nepal. 

8) Narrow but Tall home designs

If you live in a town filled with allys, you must be quite familiar with this type of home design. However, unlike other home designs on this list, narrow but tall homes are not popular because of wanting but rather need.

In city areas where housing prices are constantly on the rise and land is decreasing as the day passes by, this home design is the perfect way to make the most of what little housing area you have. 

The house designs usually only have one room per floor but can be as tall as five or six floors tall on average. Although not exactly convenient, you can make this home design highly functional with advanced equipment and integration of Green Home design aspects. 

As we said, this home design is not here because of its popularity from want but need. 


The home design that we mentioned here are just some examples of the design you will find in Nepal, and these home designs may not be the perfect ones for you. Your perfect home design will depend on your personal preference, location, upbringing, budget, and many other factors.

Additionally, you might also be one of those artistic people who love unusual designs and find perfect comfort in them. 

In the end, the ones we mentioned here are simply some of the most common home designs in Nepal. If you require assistance in picking the perfect house design for you or need interior designing as well as home decorating service for your dream home, be sure to contact us. We hope you found this helpful. If you have any suggestions or feedback, be sure to let us know in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.