Living Room Interior Design: 7 Easy Ideas To Own It

Living Room Interior Design: 7 Easy Ideas To Own It

The world is filled with zombies, but you are safe! Why? Because you are in the living room! While this is indeed a bad joke, it does highlight the importance of your living room. It is the part of your house where you live and the Living Room Interior design plays a huge part in how lively it is. It is the place where you spend most of your free time after all. Unless you live in your bedroom, you pretty much only use it for sleeping.

The same goes for Kitchen and dining room as well. Unless you work in these rooms, most of us spend very little time in these rooms. As the name suggests, we live most of our lives in our living room. This is why Living Room Interior design is important for your house. If you don't design it well, you will be spending most of your time in either bedroom, kitchen, or dining room. 

While you can spend long duration these rooms, they are not designed for a long and comfortable stay. Dining rooms are designed to eat and kitchens are designed with cooking in mind. And as for the bedroom, you design its interior with the intention to let you sleep peacefully not for spending your entire day there. Along with this, it is important to remember that the living room is also the part of your house where you entertain your guests as well. While you can entertain your guests in your bedroom, it is not recommended. 

When we consider all of these reasons, it is not hard to see why Living Room Interior Design is an important aspect of your house.  But "How do you design Living Room Interior?" if you are looking for ideas regarding this, then why not give us a read?

1) Add a Weird Coffee Table

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This era is also known as the age of individualism. And when we consider this, we find a lot of people who call themselves weird - which they are. In this era, being weird is not a thing of shame but rather the norm. Considering this, all of us are a little weird in our own way and all of us have a little bit of weird taste. So, why not show it by keeping a weird coffee table in your living room? 

This is a great living room interior design idea to show your personality. Along with this, having a weird coffee table adds a bit of unique personal charm to the entire room as well. A weird coffee table looks fancy,  is unique, and is a great way to express yourself. The best thing about this interior design room concept is that it works with virtually any other Living Room Interior Design idea. Since the core theme of using a weird coffee table is to make it stand out, why should any other interior design interfere with it?

For instance, you can a black heavily designed coffee table in a room bright room to show your edgy side. Or on the flip side, you can add a pink cutely designed coffee table in a gothic living room. Just be sure that your weird coffee table is accepted by everyone living with you. When it comes to Living Room Interior Design in a family home, the majority (or father's decision) wins.

2) Redefine Neutral

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When we think of Neutral colors, most of our mind goes to beige and shades of gray. And while neutral colors are safe when it comes to aesthetic and homely feeling, they don't have much of a personality. But let's not forget that we have tons of neutral colors that are not beige and gray. Colors like marigold, red, navy blue are considered to be neutral colors as well. So, here is the question, why should you stick to the same old neutral colors? Since you will be spending the majority of your free time in the living room, you should customize it to your liking. 

If you don't want to take a risk by painting the walls with these alternate neutral colors, you can use them on the linen and furniture in your living room. After all, furniture and linens are a part of your living room as well. Use standard beige color on your walls but redefine the neutral colors on your living room by using light yellow on your sofa pillows. You can use this trick with virtually any matching color. 

The best part about this Living Room Interior Design idea is that you can make your living room feel and look unique without taking a big risk and staying close to the basics. 

3) Add an unexpected item

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This concept of Living room interior design idea is similar to adding a weird coffee table to your living room. In fact, this interior design concept can be called an extended version of it. In the previous concept, all you did was add in a weird coffee table. But in the Living Room Interior Design concept, you add something more than just a weird coffee table. Taking the same example as we used earlier, you can hang a medieval sword in a bright living room that feels modern. Or add a pink fluffy teddy bear as decor in a gothic-themed living room.

The base idea behind both of these concepts is the same - add an odd item that goes against or contrasts the theme to show the hidden side of your personality.  You don't even have to go that extreme. As long as you find something to your liking, just use it as decor while keeping its placement in your mind. This will not only show what you're like but also show your eccentric personality as well. 

On top of these, adding an unexpected item will also serve as an attraction in your living room as well since that item will be a misfit and catch the attention of anyone who visits your house. Do remember that living room interior designs also serve a secondary purpose of attracting your guest's attention. 

4) Make the living room bubbly

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A person with a bubbly personality is defined as someone who is cheerful all the time and talks a lot. These people add life to any group they belong to and are some of the most loved people. So why not make your living room bubbly as well. You can do this by choosing furniture and linens with rounded corners. Rounded edges always feel more casual and comfortable when compared to sharp edges. This will be your first step to making your living room bubbly.

Then you will have to choose the right colors. While anything bright and vibrant can be considered bubbly, the standard shades are pink, light blue, aqua, and yellow. If you stretch the color limitations, you can include some lighter shades of purple as well. Now mix and add these colors into a room with a rounded edge and you get a bubbly room. 

As long as you follow these guidelines, you can experiment with any shape and color. Having a bubbly living room interior design not only makes the whole house feel lively but also helps in lifting up the mood. This type of room is great for the growth of a child or for those who are constantly stressed out. Bubblyness for Living Room Interior Design is all about cheerfulness and coziness after all. 

5) Stick with the Classics

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So far we have talked about Living Room Interior Designs that are more or less experimental and perfect for those who want to express themselves. But what if you are someone who is done with expressing yourself and want something that is stable? Well in such cases, you can stick with the classic Living room interior designs. This is a type of Living Room interior is generally comprised of rounded furniture, bright linens, and walls along with standard furniture. You can use any form of standard and natural furniture as long as they look classy and classic. 

While it may not be expressive or vibrant, this interior design sure is classy. It is the type of living room interior design that is preferred by more people who have crossed their age of experimentation and know what they want. And while there is a general look, it doesn't have to be all bright. You can adapt any look as long as it is not experimental such as classic wooden interior or dark rustic and aged living room interior designs. 

The good news for those who are done with experimenting but don't want a bland living room is that there are plenty of classic but eye-catching interior design ideas that have the same core concepts but add a small extra element to make it pop out and unique. Two such examples are the addition of a fireplace and chandeliers.

6) Design according to your location

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Where is your home located? Is it in the city or is it near the wilderness? When you think of Living Room Interior Design Ideas, knowing your environment and designing your interior is important. That being said, you can go two ways for this design idea. 

The first way in which you can design your living room according to your location is by blending in with your environment. For instance, if your house is located in the city, you can make the design classic and functional. At the same time, if your hour house/ apartment is located near a forest, you can use natural-looking furniture, complemented with a dark wooden interior for your living room. The point is to make match your living room interior design match your surroundings. This will make your home feel like a part of the larger world and is great for people who love to blend in or like to be alone with the crowd.

The second way to go in this Living Room Design Idea is by going the opposite way i.e using a contrasting interior that stands out from your surroundings. For instance, you can design your living room to look like a beach house while living in the middle of the city. Or why not make your living room interior look like a comfortable hotel room while living near a forest? This type of living room interior design is perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd or someone who just misses their origin. 

7) Hang a chair

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There are no more instructions to this Living Room Interior Design Idea.  All you need to do is hand a chair in a suitable location in your living room. Given that your ceilings are strong and your living room is spacious, you can hang a chair that fits your theme. Yes, there are chairs that fit every theme for you to choose from. For instance, if your living room is themed around comfort, you can get a panda chair to hand from your ceiling. 

Or if your living room is themed around nature, there is always the cheap and reliable bamboo chair. What is the benefit? Well having a handing chair in your living room gives a bonus to your comfort level. You can always swing in that hanging chair and relax while you wind down from a day of stress. At the same time, it will also show your "out of the box" thinking capacity and sophistication while still maintaining that fun and comfortable ambiance of the living room. 

Using a hanging chair in your Living Toom Interior design is one of the perfect examples of a living room with "Style and Substance". 

The Conclusion,

living room interior design

In the end, Living Room Interior Design is all about comfort and showmanship as well as an expression of your personality as well. Just like how your bedroom should be designed with comfort and sleep in mind, the living room interior should be designed with expression and comfort in your mind. It is the place where you entertain your guests as well as spend a large chunk of your waking hours. 

Is it important to have a good Living Room Interior Design? Absolutely! So if you are in need of expert advice, you can contact us by clicking here!

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