Dining Room Interior Designs- 15 Fresh and Effective Ideas

Dining Room Interior Designs- 15 Fresh and Effective Ideas

The dining room is not just a place for eating-  it is a place for family bonding as well. And this is the exact reason why Dining Room Interior Designs are important!

Some of you may be asking - why is this even a thing? Why should Dining Room Interior Design even matter? The simple answer to this is- dining room is probably the only place where family members gather in this day and age. And if the interior of the dining room is bland or depressing, it is natural to assume that the whole family will catch on to that mood as well. On top of that, no one wants to look at a dark and grim room while doing the thing that a lot of love - eating.

So to prevent this from happening we have compiled a list of 15 Dining Room Interior Designs that will light up your space and make it a place of awe. And without any further ado, let's get started!

1) Use Durable Fabric

dining room interior design

This idea for Dining Room Interior Design is more meant for functionality rather than the aesthetic. While using an attractive fabric in the dining room is indeed a necessity if you want to make it feel homely, it is also important for those fabrics to be durable as well. It is better to have a durable fabric that is mildly attractive than the one which is extremely attractive but gets torn easily. Not to mention that good-looking fabrics are usually expensive regardless of how fragile they may be.

Going away from the cost, this dining room interior design is also viable to maintain a sense of familiarity with the room. No one feels at home when their surroundings are constantly changing. 

2) Fireplace

dining room interior design

We get it, not everyone can afford to have a fireplace in their dining room. While it is relatively cheap to install, the price of keeping it functioning can be a bit expensive. But keeping this cost aside, a fireplace by the dining room is a good idea. Not only will it keep the entire room warm, but it also serves an aesthetic purpose as well. 

When a fireplace is combined with black marble flooring and bright walls, the ambiance will be that of an interior of medieval castles. This is a royal ambiance that is hard to get - even in places with ancient history. On the other hand, if you are going for the more down-to-earth vibe you can opt for wooden walls and dark floors. You can even turn this into a romantic ambiance if you pair this with dim orange lights. All in all, a great Dining Room Interior Design - for those who can afford the maintenance cost. 

The side benefit is that this interior for dining rooms works perfectly even in the absence of a natural lighting source. 

3) Create High Contrast

dining room interior design

One of the best benefits of creating high contrast in the dining room is that you won't bump into anything. Jokes aside, creating a high contrast in the dining room is good for the aesthetics of the room. This will make the room feel much more organized and functional. n top of this, a high contrast dining room will also make things easier to locate.

This idea of Dining Room Interior Design works best when you pair bright background with dark furniture. On the flip side, if you are going for a more gothic look, you can pair dark background with bright furniture as well. It will add more life and personality to the room where you bond and eat.

4) Reusing Vintage Items

Dining Room Interior Design

With society leaning more towards modernization, a lot of us, especially natives, probably have a lot of traditional furniture lying around. So, why not make use of them? By doing this, you will save on furniture cozy as well as add in the traditional aesthetic to your dining room. 

This idea for Dining Room Interior Design is indeed visually appealing - especially when you plan your furniture well. But on top of this, adding vintage furniture in your dining room will add some aspect of history as well. This idea for the interior designing idea is a perfect representation of the saying "looking at past for inspiration to move towards the future".

5) Put your artwork on Display

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Nepal is a country filled with tons of artists. There are tons of young talent in this industry. Be it modern forms of art like abstract and portraits or traditional forms like Thanka, we have an abundant amount of these artists. Even if you are not an artist, it isn't really hard to find an art piece around here. 

So why not show them off in your dining room? It adds a visual focus, aesthetic pleasure and is a great topic to start a conversation around during the parties. Along with this, it is also a great way to show off your art taste to guests as well. Even if you are not the type who wants to flaunt, it is still better than the bland wall. This Dining Room Interior Design idea makes use of the most ignored aspect of our rooms - the wall. 

Although any art piece can be used for this, we recommend either traditional art, abstract art, or Portraits. The reason is - landscape art doesn't stand out as much and people are used to it. 

6) Use Crude Looking Furniture

Dining Room Interior Design

Is this an unusual idea for Dining Room Interior Designing? Definitely yes but does it work? Especially if you have a tree visible from your dining room. The reasoning behind using crude-looking furniture for your dining room is this - it gives up an uncanny natural and wild aesthetic to your dining room.

You have to remember that the furniture just looks crude but is highly stable and functional. While it may be a bit rough around the edges, this type of furniture is cheap, easy to repair, and easily customizable. You can easily get a bamboo chair and tables for your dining rooms. Or if you are going into this aesthetic, you can order customized chairs and tables made from unpolished tree barks and branches. 

Although this won't work on all types of the dining room - it is one of the best choices if your room has open spaces and is located near greenery. 

7) Vibrant Wallpaper

dining room interior design

So you have picked the furniture, managed the lights, and have gotten all the decors. What about the walls? Regardless of how much we ignore the walls, it is one of the most prominent features of a room. Normally you would just put some paint on it. But if you want to go one step further, why not use vibrant wallpapers?

While wallpapers are indeed a bit more expensive than paints, they are also highly customizable and add an entire layer of creative freedom. Using vibrant wallpapers for dining room interior design will add a fun and funky feeling to the entire space. This not only lightens the mood of the entire family but also keeps the fun energy flowing. This effect of fun is amplified even more if your family likes to make fun of each other.

We do have to warn you about picking out the wallpapers carefully to match with the furniture. A bad choice can easily turn this fun Dining room interior designing idea into an eyesore. If you want expert ideas on interior designs, we are here. Why not give us a nudge by following this link here?

8) Reflect the Dining Rooms

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Using mirrors in a dining room is an old trick that is still viable to this day. And there is a reason for it. Not only does it makes the room brighter, but it also makes the room feel bigger as well. This Dining Room Interior Designing idea is great for small ones. 

Along with this, if you use a large enough mirror, you can also save a lot of money on wallpapers and paints. One subtle benefit of having a large mirror in the dining room comes to light while socializing. In these circumstances, you can talk to virtually everyone while looking at their faces - albeit be it in the mirror. 

Needless to say, one can enjoy the full extent of this quirky Dining Room Interior design if you get a mirror that covers an entire wall.

9) Unexpected Paint

dining room interior design

As all things go, there are some shades of paint that we have come to expect when it comes to rooms. In Nepal, it is either a shade of light green, light blue, light purple, white, pink, or light yellow. But what if you paint your dining room with an unexpected color- for example bright yellow or deep pink? 

Not only will this add a bit more personality to your dining room but it will also add an artistic vibe to it as well. On top of this, you can be creative with this interior design concept as well. Combine unusual colors for each side of the wall in the dining room. After all, if you pick this interior design concept, you want your dining room to be unique after. So adding a bit more personality will just enhance the effect you want. The tone of your dining room will depend on the colors you choose for in this Dining Room Interior Design Concept.

10) Monochrome your Dining Room

dining room interior design

This Dining Room Design Idea is on the exact opposite side of the spectrum from the previous one. In the previous idea, we talked about adding personality to your dining room. Here we talk about removing all personalities. The reason is simple, sometimes colors can be a bit overstimulating. And there are a lot of people who just want to relax and chill in their dining rooms.

This interior design idea is just perfect for them. Keeping your dining room monochrome will give it a calm and lazy vibe. But at the same time, if you pair this concept with adequate lighting and minimalistic furniture, you will get a formal vibe from your dining room. So it is up to you which way you want to take the monochrome dining room. 

Decorate it with edgeless furniture for a more laid-back ambiance and sharp, minimalistic furniture for a more official vibe- the choice is yours. 

11) Use Open Space

dining room interior design

Since we just talked about relaxing in the dining room, let's continue with it. The dining room is indeed not just for eating. People relax and bond there as well. But do you know what makes this process difficult? Cramped spaces and narrow walkways. So why not organize the furniture well and save some space to sit and walk around?

You will feel a lot more relaxed in a dining room with a decent walkway and a chair to sit in. Along with this, a dining room with free spaces prevents accidents and is highly functional. After all, things need to be highly organized for a dining room to have space. This works best when open space is paired with decent lighting and light-medium to lightly colored furniture.

12) Opt for Minimalism

Dining Room Interior Design

Minimalism is the trend in modern times. This concept is used almost everywhere, from graphics to wallets. So why not use this concept in your Dining Room Interior Design as well? After all, the entire concept is based on removing unnecessary materials. 

it saves cost, creates open space, is great for official and casual dining, and on top of all these, is highly functional while being aesthetically pleasing. There is nothing to dislike about opting for minimalism for Dining Room Interior Design. The only minor drawback is that if you use this design concept, the room can be a bit bland. However, that can easily be fixed by using decent art by the wall. it is a necessary piece after all.

13) A Multipurpose Dining Room

dining room interior design

This one is especially meant for those people who have fewer rooms in their houses. But this Dining Room Interior Design concept can be used by anyone. The general gist of this concept is to make your dining room multifunctional. People in modern times usually watch the news or some YouTube videos while watching anyways - so why not turn it into a family activity by adding in a TV, and a couch in the dining room? Turn your dining room into a living room as well.

Or how about combing your dining room with a study room. All it takes is a table, a chair, a bookcase, and a night lamp in an unused corner of the dining room. While this sounds a bit messy- which it is, this interior design idea is highly functional and if planned carefully can be neat as well. You generally need a dining table and some chairs in the dining room so it is mostly empty, so adding in some to make it more functional shouldn't be an issue.

14) Show off the View

dining room interior design

For those who have large gardens or dining rooms on the top floors - this one is for you. If you can get a good view of the sky, the city or your garden, this is one of the best ideas to show it off. The concept behind this is rather simple, use large windows to show the view from your dining room. It can be anything. But for most of us, the view that we can show off will more or less be limited to the open sky from our terrace or balcony. Let the light and air in. 

If you have got this opportunity, it would be wise to use reflective dark flooring and bright colored walls to make the best use of what is offered to you. This will make the room feel open and free. This Dining Room Design idea works best when you make a good amount of walking space in the room and use minimalistic furniture. 

A small side benefit -this type of dining room is perfect for candlelight dinners.

15) Use Unique Furniture

Dining Room Interior Design

if you are someone who has an artsy taste, why stick to traditional furniture? You can find tons of oddly shaped chairs and tables all around Nepal. And you can get them rather cheap as well. So put in your art hat, search for those that fit your taste and use them.

This Dining Room Interior design is perfect for those who like a positive and funky ambiance in their dining room and are creative heads. At the same time, this concept is also perfect to use in the dining rooms of art houses as well. This one just speaks art regardless of how you look at it. 

The Conclusion,

dining room interior design

In the end, the type of Dining Room Interior Design that you opt for is entirely up to you and your needs. These 12 are just some of the ideas that you can apply. The good news is that you don't have to stay exclusive to one Interior Design concept.

For instance, you can easily combine the concept of minimalism, the use of open spaces, and using art pieces. You have the power. But if you require some advice, it is a good idea to consult the experts - like Us. Just follow the link here, send us a message and we will respond to your concerns asap.

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