10 + Best Living Room Interior Design

10 + Best Living Room Interior Design

What is interior design?

The Oxford dictionary defines living room interior design as “the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.” Just a little addition — it includes crafting other moving spaces like that of an airplane or yacht too.

Living room interior design

We encounter a living room right after entering the gate of a residential building or an apartment. It is where we relax, socialize, and watch TV. A modern living room may even include a dining area.

As it is at the forefront of the house, a little more attention in making it beautiful and functional is a wise choice. We can opt for any kind of design for our living room; i.e. minimalist, rustic, mid-century modern, contemporary, and many more. Know about these living room design ideas in our interior designing blog.

What do we need for living room interior design?

A living room becomes even more pleasing by placing the right items in a suitable location — as every aspect of the living room is part of the grander interior design plan. Let’s know some items that shouldn’t miss from the living room:

  • Furniture
  • Curtains
  • Something alive
  • Rug of soft texture
  • Something personal
  • Throw pillows
  • Throw blanket
  • Candle 
  • Decorative accessories
  1. Furniture

The furniture for a living room includes — sofas, chairs, ottomans, and coffee tables.

  • Sofa
living room interior design

It’s a larger piece of furniture in the room. So it affects the living room interior design more than any other item in there. Some tips to select a sofa are: 

  • Stick to neutral colors and patterns. One can add texture and pattern through throw pillows and blankets later.
  • Avoid a heavy and solid look, as it will seem huge in the room.
  • Consider the scale and proportion of the sofa with that of the living room space.
  • Select sofa with legs as it doesn’t block the sight — it makes the room seem open and helps perceive the real dimension of the room.
  • Chairs
living room interior design

We can even replace sofas with a chair. Else, add a chair to compliment the sofa. We can experiment with the chair’s color to give some new shade into the living room.

  • Ottomans
living room interior design

Ottomans are really a gem in the living room. As multipurpose, the living room is; the ottoman is equally so. We can use it as a replacement for coffee tables, as a footrest, or even to seat.

One needs to be aware of the shape, size, and color of the ottoman to make it consistent with the living room's interior design.

  • Coffee tables
living room interior design

Coffee tables balance the visual weight of the living room and are useful for placing stuff into it. Some tips to select the coffee tables for your living room are:

  • One great choice would be something transparent in acrylic or glass. This way the coffee table seems to disappear to give the room the illusion of more space.
  • Avoid solid coffee table design with a high visual weight.
  1. Curtains 
living room interior design

Curtains fill the vertical space of the room and radiate elegance in there. Some tips in using curtains for the living room interior design are:

  • Hang curtain well above the window and down up to the floor. It makes the room seem taller.
  • Keep the curtain design basic but use extra fabric for fullness.
  1. Something alive
living room interior design

Here something alive means something really alive — a vibrant and green natural plant. Indoor plants make your living room more inviting, luxurious, and healthier. It helps reduce the noise level too. The organic shape of these plants even acts as a contrast to straight lines of space and furniture. Furthermore, it brings you closer to nature despite being in the indoor environment.

With including plants, we need the right vase and location to place these plants. We can hang vases in the air or place them on tables. 

  1. Rug of right size and texture
living room interior design

A rug not only is a cozy pal for your feet but is also an intricate part of the design. Some tips for selecting the perfect rug:

  • Use a rug that covers most of the area of the living room instead of using smaller ones or joining two of them. 
  • Use rugs of lighter colors. It makes the room look brighter, spacious, and without clutter. Pastels, neutral and off-white are great color choices for rugs. [Avoid rugs with patterns in small living rooms]
  • Rugs of soft — texture and material — are a great fit for the living room.
  1. Something personal

A living room feels like your own by adding something personal — that which matters to you or your family. It can be anything from art that you purchased to pictures of your family gathering or of travel. It also can be accessories we cannot easily buy from the market.

  1. Throw pillows
living room interior design

Throw pillows are important for a couple of reasons — comfort and decoration. To rest with back support or take a nap, pillows are a comfortable option. 

Furthermore, throw pillows offer a choice to experiment with contrast and color. We can also change the pillow color with varying seasons to refresh the design.

  1. Throw blanket
living room interior design

A throw blanket is awesome to have when you buckle up on your sofa to watch tv or read a book. It also adds a layer of texture and color to the living room interior design. 

  1. Candles
living room interior design

A great evening — curtains down and lights off — time to light up some candles for a relaxing mood.

Candles are no longer a necessity in modern societies but have become a tool for beauty. Using scented candles of sandalwood, jasmine, and rose with an elegant candleholder brings aesthetics and aroma into the living room interior design.

  1. Decorative accessories

Decorative accessories can be anything from vases to baskets. They add the little details into the living room.

Some tips for living room interior design

  • Avoid putting on more items than necessary. Interior designers call it decor overkill.
  • Avoid using materials so precious and sensitive that the living room becomes unusable. Select materials that can handle the dirt and friction of everyday use.
  • Not mixing up new and vintage items would make the living room seem like it’s all from the same showroom. So experiment with unique items, old or new, of varying color and texture in the living room.

Interior design for living room ceiling

For your living room to look gorgeous from all the dimensions possible, we cannot leave the ceiling untouched — interior design, the ceiling like any other aspect, with equal care and attention. 

Two items fall under the interior design for the living room ceiling — lighting and the actual ceiling. Let us look into each of these.


living room interior design

The living room hosts much more activity than other rooms designed for specific activities; like a kitchen is just for cooking and a bedroom for rest. We may read a book, watch tv, or even host family gatherings in the living room. So lighting for the living room is a bit different. Let’s know some of the ways for lighting in there:

  • Chandeliers
  • Flush mount lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Recessed lights

Our walls may even include some exquisite art that needs some accent lighting. These accent lights are hung from the ceiling up to the height necessary to glorify the art.


living room interior design

There are many ways in which we can design our 5th wall of the living room — the ceiling. We can put on false ceiling, tiles or even leave it bare by painting appropriate color. Wooden false ceilings are some new inclusion to design the ceiling for our living room.

False ceiling acts as an intermediate between the actual ceiling and the rest of the room. It gives us the flexibility to design the ceiling in any way want. 

Tiles are another great option to have in our ceiling. The various kind of tiles available can be used in synergy with the interior design of the rest of the living room to make the room elegant and evocative. 

Leaving the ceiling bare with just the appropriate color is part of the minimalistic design idea. It is a preference for a lot more people compared to other ceiling design ideas.