Office Interior Design: 10 Simple Ideas To Boost Your Productivity!

Office Interior Design: 10 Simple Ideas To Boost Your Productivity!

Offices are not the best place to laze out. It is a location that demands productivity. But at the same time, the office is also the place where we are least productive.  While most of this lack of productivity in an office has to do with the work environment and job incentive, Office Interior Design also plays a huge part in this. No one would be productive in an office that looks gloomy and dark. Even if the work environment is great and the office gives a favorable job incentive, it would be hard to be productive if the walls of the said office are dark and it smells of smoke. 

This is why it is important to consider your Office Interior Design. A properly planned and executed office Interior design not only boots the productivity of the personnel in that space but also helps in the bonding of the office personnel as well. The main reason for this is office ambiance. It is the invisible factor that can either make a break the workforce of an office. Sticking to the theme of an office environment, it also affects the mentality of the workers there. A funky office ambiance inspires creativity and a formal ambiance inspires efficiency. And all of these are done through Office interior designs. So it is necessary to be careful about how your office is designed. 

Do you want to learn about some of the best Office Interior Designs to Boost Your Productivity? Then let's get started!

1) Minimalistic Work Space Design

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In this Office Work Space Designing Idea, the furniture is minimalistic, and there are no unnecessary decors. The entire office is plain with a few paintings on the walls. The walls are painted brightly along with bright floorings and furniture. If this office interior design seems a bit bland to you, then you are not the only one. This office interior design is intentionally made bland. There is a reason behind this intentional design though. 

The bright and minimalist interior of any place is like a blank sheet with no distractions. There will be plenty of open spacer around the furniture and the office room will be usually bright due to all of the reflective surface. All of this combines to form two things: lack of distraction and blank sheets for imagination. Since the walls and floorings are usually white, a creative can use it as a mental canvas to think of words or graphic designs for their company. At the same time, since the office is virtually empty of distractions, an industrial mind will find it easier to focus on their respective task. 

There is indeed a risk of people getting bored in this relatively stimulant less office ambiance, but when a minimalist Office Interior design is coupled with the friendly office environment, it is sure to increase the productivity of those who work in said office. 

2) Clean and Bright

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A clean and bright space gives rise to clean and bright emotions. It is the main theme of this office interior design concept. As per a research article from TCPI, bright light can intensify emotions while lower light keeps emotions steady. While both the positive and negative emotions are amplified in a bright setting, when this is paired with a supportive office environment, it greatly increases the productivity of the entire office. 

Since offices promote a supporting and friendly work environment with a healthy dose of competition, keeping the office interior bright is one of the best ways to boost the mood of the employees. Along with this, by keeping the office clean, one can also remove the sense of suffocation and being cluttered. A cluttered mind is one of the most unproductive minds out there. And a clean environment helps one to declutter their minds. 

Due to these two reasons, having a bright and clean office interior design is one of the best ways to promote a healthy work environment and boost productivity. 

3) Natural Furniture

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Plain things can get boring sometimes. We already talked about our point about "Minimalistic Office Design". But there are things one can mitigate that sense of blandness without changing much about their office interior design. You can simply embed natural-looking furniture in that minimalistic design to give your office interior a bit of character. 

This interior designing idea won't change the theme of any design (unless you add crude natural furniture to the mix) but it will add a bit more personality to the overall office interior design. The best part about this interior design idea is that you can use natural furniture in virtually any interior design concept. Because there are different shades, patterns, and textures of natural wood available, you will find a natural furniture fit for every interior design. 

Besides this, there is also freedom of choice when it comes to natural furniture. You can either purchase cheap ones with printed natural designs or authentic ones. And you also have choices on the intensity of patterns, textures, and designs of the "Natural" furniture you use in your design as well. Is this the best Office design idea? It depends on what you seek but this is one of the versatile ones.

4) Use Textures

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When we say "Use Textures" we don't just mean use textured furniture. You can use texture in walls, floorings, partitions, and ceilings as well. This is somewhat of an old trick that is used in office interior design. And time has proven that this trick works. Having a texture office is simply more interesting than one without. The 

first thing that comes to one's mind when they hear "texture" is different shapes sticking out from the flatness. This is indeed visually stimulating and is great for creative people to come up with designs. 

But along with being visually stimulating, textures also stimulate "touch" as well which adds another layer of creativity to it as well. As for the industrial people, textures can be a bit of a distraction. But as long as this office interior design is used wisely, it can be just enough to remove the mundane office environment and stimulate productivity.

As we mentioned, it is easy to get distracted by the textures. Due to this, it is necessary to plan out the types and intensity of texture you want in the office properly. if you want detailed ideas on how to apply texture to your office interior design, why not give us a message Here?

5) Simple but Organized

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This Office Interior Design Concept shares a lot of similarities with keeping your office "bright and clean". The core concept of both these interior design concepts is the same - making your office look organized. The only difference lies in how these two office interior design ideas are executed. While in the former one this is executed through lights and cleanliness, in this concept, this idea is executed by keeping the office organized and simple.

An organized workspace is the key to keeping an organized brain. This is a well-known and practical theory. So when the entire office complex is designed in an organized pattern, it will be easier for the workers there to organize their thought processes. Once they know where each items lies and its function, the office personnel will get more time to focus on their work. This will cause an indirect and significant boost in their productivity. The reason: they don't need to remember every minute detail of the office to find one thing in the office compartment.

Keeping things simple has the very same effect as well. The simpler the things, the easier it is to remember and understand. This saves a lot of brainpower for the office personnel and helps them declutter their mind. After all, the only thing they need to place importance on is their work and thoughts. Along with this, a simple and organized environment has a psychological effect on people as well.  

So a simple office interior design idea might just be one of the best ones out there. 

6) Make your Office Colorful

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Sometimes needs personality rather than functionality to boost their productivity. This is especially more so for those offices that deal with a creative business like writing, designing, composing, or art. People working in these types of offices need a lot of creativity to be productive, and they cannot get this in a bland functional environment. So why not make your office colorful?

It doesn't even need to be vibrantly colored. As long as the office interior is not bland and neutral, making your office colorful will serve its function. On top of these, it doesn't need to be a creative job for its interior to be colorful. As long as it is not filled with vibrant colors, one can use multiple colors and still be functional. This office interior design is visually stimulating. Due to this, it becomes easy for office personnel to get distracted. But as long as they can maintain proper office discipline, one can make their office interior colorful.

It is easy to overboard while implementing this office interior design concept so you do need to be careful.

7) Experimental Shape

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Dot use this Office Interior Design in the working station of highly formal and legal establishments. Using experimental shapes under these circumstances is highly unprofessional and can lead to a decrease in credibility. With that being cleared, you can use experimental shapes virtually everywhere else. For those who are confused about what using "experimental shapes" in your office interior design means; it means using unusually shaped furniture and decors. 

As we mentioned, this design concept is not meant to be used in highly formal organizations since this is not a design concept that shows formality. But on the opposite side of the spectrum, it is perfect for creative organizations. This office interior design will give a boost to creativity and reduce boredom. At the same time use of experimental shapes can also lead to creative inspirations as well. As expected, this office interior is destructive it is overused or used at the wrong places. 

For those who want to use experimental shapes in their office but are a highly formal/ legal establishment; you can use experimental shapes in your waiting rooms or guest rooms to make them feel comfortable. 

Side note* experimental shapes include furniture, decors, partition panels, walls, ceilings, and office linens.

8) Modern Design

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Modern designs are more or less highly functional. Due to this, if you use modern designs in your office, you will be doing it with "functionality" in mind. Modern design doesn't just apply to furniture though. There are modern designs of walls, floorings, and decors as well. This includes wall lights directly above the front desk, a chandelier on top of the meeting table, clean-and-white interiors, and so on. These designs are highly functional ones but all of these are aesthetic as well. 

That being said virtually every design of this era can be called modern design. But there are a few traits that you only see in a modern design. They have a monochromatic color palette, clean lines, minimalism, natural materials, and natural light. All of these traits are perfect for a formal organization. These are the standard traits of a highly professional organization after all. But at the same time, with a few modifications (like experimental furniture) this design concept can be transformed to fit the needs of creative heads.

Due to its versatility, using modern designs are widely used in Office interior designs to boost its productivity. 

9) Use Plants

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This Office Interior design requires a bit of upkeep. Plants need care and regular grooming to be healthy and look good. Since the entire concept of using plants in an office interior design concept is aesthetic, the upkeep becomes an important part of this interior design.  But besides giving a good aesthetic feel to the office, keeping indoor plants in an office will also make the air feel fresher and will be a visual treat for the workers. 

Since green plants are known to have a positive emotional and psychological impact on people, it is a good idea to have plants in an office compartment as well. A well-maintained plant mostly functionally acts as a visual break for the workers as well. But as we mentioned, there is a need for upkeep for the plant. Along with this, there is also a risk of the workspace getting dirty from the loose dirt and fibers of the plant. But 

10) Functional Design Vs Aesthetic Design

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You know the function of your office. So, you should choose your office interior design as per its function. It is a choice between the functionality of your interior and its aesthetic. If you increase the functionality of your office interior, you will need to compromise with the aesthetic. This will result in a more industrial atmosphere in the office. Depending on the organization, industrial ambiance might just be the thing one needs to increase productivity. 

On the flip side, if you focus on the aesthetic of your office interior design, the focus will be on beauty and creativity. While it is not recommended for industrial and highly formal offices, this is exactly the design theme that boosts the productivity of creative careers. But while you can prioritize one over another, an office interior design needs a bit of both to get the best result.

The Conclusion

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As you may have seen, the core focus of office interior designs to boost productivity is knowing what you need. You can use any of the mentioned office interior design concepts for your office. Or you can take individual elements from the mentioned interior design ideas and customize the best one for yourself. At the end of the day, you have the ultimate power over which office interior design you choose.

If you found this helpful, you can check out some more of our articles mentioned below. Or if you require expert advice on interior designs, you can contact us by clicking this link here.