12 Bedroom Interior Designs: Easy and Effective!

12 Bedroom Interior Designs: Easy and Effective!

Where do you spend a large portion of your time at home? Unless you are someone who is extremely busy or stays away from home for a long duration of time, the answer is probably a bedroom. In fact, besides the kitchen and toilet, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. This is the place where we get rest after all. So Bedroom Interior Design must match your personality.

Choosing a Bedroom Interior Design is all about making your bedroom feel like a part of your personality. That being said, we have to acknowledge that if you are tired enough, you will fall asleep virtually anywhere. But most of us are not dead tried and hence, to feel at peace in our bedroom; the place where we cry, laugh, and spend a majority of our lives, we have to think carefully about how we customize the Bedroom Interior design. 

To make things easier for you, here we have 12 interior design ideas for your bedroom. Just know that at the end of the day, you are the master of your house. So without any further ado, let's get started.

1) Vibrant Color Scheme

bedroom interior design

This one is for those who love funky and fun personalities. The concept of this idea is rather simple. Pick a few colors that you love, create the design you like, and use these two together to design your bedroom wall. But this Bedroom Interior Design idea doesn't end with the walls. It extends to furniture and linens as well. Pick colorful linens filled with vibrant designs, and furniture with bright and unusual colors to use as your room decor.

This design idea will make your room feel bright and funky. A the same time, this will add some characteristics to your bedroom as well. While people with a professional and functional mindset may feel their best with all the stimulating colors, this Bedroom Interior Designing Idea is perfect for art heads. 

2) Match lighting of the room with your Bed linen

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This is more of a generic Bedroom Interior Design idea that applies to virtually anyone regardless of who or how they are. All you need to do is match the light level of the bed with bedsheets and pillowcases. This will help your bedroom feel cozier and well organized.

If the light level of your bedroom is extremely high but your bed sheets are in the darker shade, it makes the bed stand out feel out of place. The effect remains the same if the light and brightness levels are reversed as well. While contrasting the bed with the light level is fine, too much contrast can lead to a sense of isolation - which is not good for sleeping.

We suggest keeping both the light level of the room and the color scheme somewhere in between the shade spectrum. This way you will get to experiment with the color as well. 

3) Use Neutral Colors

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Neutral Color is a term that people often misunderstand. This term is used for colors that give the illusion of being colorless while having their innate colors that change subtly with the lighting of the room. For instance beige, taupe, gray, cream, brown, black, and white can be considered neutral colors. Since this type of color covers both the bright and dark spectrum in the shade scale, you will get a lot of room to experiment and customize.

To get the best feeling of homeliness from the use of neutral colors for Bedroom Interior Design, we recommend you stick with the neutral shade. Along with this, it should be noted that neutral colors work with both smooth and textured walls. Since the tone of the color changes with the light level and color, this is also one of those Bedroom Interior Design Ideas that work for just about anyone. 

4) Embrace the Architectural Quirks

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For those who are confused about what an "Architectural quirk" is - they are the acute angles that run across the horizontal direction of the room. These in simple terms are those awkward corners of the house that are not perfectly right-angled or intentionally curved. And, quite a lot of us don't know what to do with these corners. 

But what we don't realize is that we can use these architectural quirks for our Bedroom Interior design. Place a night lamp in that corner, or a customized furniture table/ chair to place a decorative piece. You can, place a wall drawer and make that place a bookshelf as well. The point of this idea for Bedroom Interior Design is to make that acute angle of your bedroom seem intentional. 

One of the best ways to do this is by using creeper plants. This will not only add a natural aesthetic to the room but also make the whole room seem fresh as well. While planting creepers works well for architectural quirks in virtually any part of the room, it works best near natural light sources like windows and balcony doors. 

5) Texture the room

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Many people often underestimate the power of texture in the bedroom. A room that has just the right amount of texture has does seem quite comfortable. Unless you are going for the official and cool aesthetic, it is a good idea to add texture to your rooms. 

This can be done through the use of textured wallpapers, textured blankets, handcrafted furniture with beautiful designs, and so on. The main reason why rooms with the right amount of texture feel homely is that texture adds dimensions to the room and prevents it from being monotonous.

While all of this is being said, it is really easy to overdo with this Bedroom Interior Design. So be careful while using textures in your Bedroom Interior Design.

6) Mix the Patterns in Your Bed

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Needless to say, the primary focus of a Bedroom is the Bed. Hence it is necessary to give some attention to designing your bed as well. Why not try mixing the color and pattern in your bed? This Bedroom Interior Design is perfect for those who like their comfort place to be interesting and funky. 

Along with this, if you use mixed patterns and color pallets with your bed, you won't have to use the same design for pillowcases, bedsheets, and blankets. This can save you from a lot of headaches. As long as the different aspects of the bed go along with one another, you can use any color pallet and pattern.

For instance, you can use the floral design of complementary colors, different patterns of swirls with similar colors, or other similar combinations in your bed while thinking of a bed in a good Bedroom Interior Design.

7) Flatten your furniture

bedroom interior design

This Bedroom Interior Design Concept is more or less targeted towards those who feel at home in minimalistic places but with full functionality. The core of this Bedroom Interior Design idea is - to use flattened and low to ground furniture and leave open spaces near eye level. 

While this design concept is not exactly minimalistic, it still gives an illusion of minimalism while having all the features of a modern room. This will not only make the room feel airier but also decluttered. Since all of the furniture is low to the ground, this design idea also gives you a lot of room to customize the walls too. You paint the walls as per your choice or use some wall drawers if you require more space to keep your things.

8) Warm lights and Color Pallets

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Earlier we talked about how Neutral lights and color pallets are some of the best ones to use in a room. But using neutral colors is not the only option you have. Besides using neutral color pallets and going vibrant, you can also use warm colors and lights as well.

Since the bedroom is sometimes the only place where we find peace, using warm light and color can help you a lot there. For those who are still confused as to what warm lights are: They are bright colors and colors like Yellow and Orange. Using light as well as paints of these colors is great for enhancing the homely ambiance. This can further be enhanced through the use of washed-out carpets and blankets or with contrasting furniture and bedsheets.

9) Wooden Ceiling

Bedroom Interior Designs

Here is a Bedroom Interior Design Idea that can either be super expensive or super cheap. If you have spare wooden planks or beams available, using a wooden ceiling can be super cheap. All you would need to do is the measure, cut, and install them. But if you don't have wooden planks or beams available, then the price will rise. This is simply due to the rising price of wood in Nepal.

On top of these, depending on the type, age, and grains of the wood, the texture and overall aesthetic of the room can change quite a bit. But despite these, as long as you have wooden ceilings, your bedroom will have that rustic beauty. Along with these, since ceilings are not something people notice consciously but still affects the overall ambiance of the room, this is also a great way to affect the mood of the room without directly influencing walls, furniture, floorings, or linens. 

10) Scaled your Furniture

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Scaling your furniture basically means "use appropriately sized furniture". This is an important aspect of Bedroom Interior Design as it affects the overall open space you have for walking, 

Here the concept is rather simple: A big room with small furniture will feel empty and a small room with big furniture will feel cramped. But if you use large furniture in larger rooms and smaller-sized furniture in smaller rooms, you will make the best of furniture and open space. And even though you can use several small-scaled pieces of furniture in larger rooms to fill up the space, it is recommended to not use it in the bedroom. It is a good design idea for a balcony or living room if you are someone artsy. But things will just seem cluttered if you use this in a large bedroom.

11) Make a reading nook

bedroom interior design

Creating a reading nook is one of the Bedroom Interior Design Ideas that are both aesthetically and functional. In this design we basically leave a small open space; just enough to place a wall drawer or a table of small size on the wall facing side of the bed. Then we decorate it with small plants and a night lamp. 

This place will then function as a reading nook. Here you can study or work from bed without having to get up and move towards the desk - perfect for lazy morning work or late night studies. Besides this, you can also use this Bedroom Interior Design idea if you have an architectural quirk in the only place where your bed can be kept in small houses. 

This is basically making use of the small unused corners of the bedroom while making it aesthetically pleasing. 

12) Stick to a Theme

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Sticking to a theme is one of the major things that you need to consider when thinking of Bedroom Interior Designs. Regardless of which designing ideas you use, there needs to be a theme to base it around. 

Pick a theme, be it minimalistic, corporate, comfortable, cold, gothic, or cartoonish. Any one of these themes will do as long as you know what you want. After you have picked a theme, you will have a general idea of how you want your bedroom to be and how it will turn out. Once this is done, you can use any of the previously mentioned Bedroom Interior Designing Ideas and tips to customize your bedroom and make it your home within a home. This is your comfort room after all.

In the End,

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A bedroom is a place where we rest our exhausted body and mind. So it is important to make it as comfortable as possible. As we mentioned, the best Bedroom Interior Design Idea is to make it an extension of your personality. This is the reason why some bedroom interior feels cool while some feel bubbly. The ideas mentioned here are of course just a few among thousands of ideas out there for Bedroom Interior Design.

If you are in need of expert advice regarding interior designs, you can contact us here. For now, we recommend giving a read to the following if you want to know more about Interior designing.