10 Bathroom Design Ideas: Best Interior Design Ideas For Bathroom

10 Bathroom Design Ideas: Best Interior Design Ideas For Bathroom

What is the best seat in the house? It is on the golden throne of the Bathroom. Don't get confused between a bathroom and a toilet. You only do your business in the toilet but you do much more in the bathrooms. It is the area of your house where you cleanse yourself both physically and mentally.

A bathroom is a place where you, wash your face, brush your teeth, take showers and, of course, take baths. Since it is a place of relaxation, it is natural for you to have great bathroom designs to make it your heaven. It is after all a room where you can relax without any worries - be it through relieving yourself or taking a long shower. 

So here we will be talking about 10 of the best bathroom designs so that you can relax with ease. 

1) Bright Tile Floorings

bright tiles floor

One of the best ways to make your bathroom a better place is through the use of bright tiles on your bathroom floors. Floors are not the first things that we think about when it comes to bathroom designs - unless you slip on them. But needless to say, the flooring plays a huge role in the interior of this room.

If you use bright tile flooring on the floor, it reflects more light which can increase the visibility by a large margin. Besides the brightness of the bathroom, if you use bright tiles with interesting patterns on them, it can also serve a secondary function of being a great medium of killing time while doing the loo as well. And as we all know, tiles are rather easy to clean, at least when compared with concrete and bricks.

There is one small catch though, tiles can be rather slippery. So you should be careful and keep them dry. This is a great bathroom design idea for the cheerful aesthetic, with a small risk of slipping. But then again, you can slip even if the bathroom is flooring is not made out of tiles. So this risk is not unique to the bright tile flooring. 

2) Decorate with pebbles

decorate with pebbles

If you don't want to slip in the bathroom, then why not use pebbles. Pebbles are the nemesis of slippery floors after all. They are rough and they give you a good grip. On top of this, if you use brightly colored ones, you can have a similar effect of brightening your room as that of using tiles. Along with this, decorating the bathroom floors with pebbles will add that natural and rustic feeling to your feeling as well.

This bathroom design idea is especially appealing to those who love to walk barefooted because walking to this bathroom flooring will remind you of walking outdoors - at least when it comes to the sensation on your feet. One more good news is that pebbles are cheap. If you do look around for a bit, you can find tons of pebbles lying around saving you a lot of money.

While you cannot slip on the pebble floorings, you do need to be careful not to fall because some pebbles can be quite rough. This bathroom design idea is not recommended for those who have sensitive feet as well.

3) Suspended Mirrors

suspended mirror

Who said you had to hang the mirrors on your wall? You can suspend them in the ceiling as well. While you will lose some structural support on the mirrors, this is a great aesthetic choice. Suspended mirrors are a unique design idea for those who are not afraid of straying a bit off from the norm. The best part about this design idea is that you can use a suspended mirror to segment the bathroom.

If a large mirror is used or a small mirror is accompanied by some curtains, you can easily segment your bathroom to create different areas each with its function. Along with this, there is always an added benefit of making the bathroom brighter as well. Mirrors are primarily used to reflect light after all. You can get the most from this design by combining different custom-shaped mirrors with matching curtains.

You just need to be careful not to stumble accidentally and hit hard on the mirror. Since they lack the structural back support of the wall, they can be quite brittle. 

4) Create a wall

semi-permanent wall

Since we already mentioned segmenting the bathroom, we cannot skip this one. If you want to segment the bathroom why not use a semi-permanent wall? You can easily install drywall in areas that you need and divide the bathroom into different sections. This is especially useful for those large bathrooms where you have a space between the place where you let loose and the place where you take a bath/shower. Install a semi-permanent wall and decorate it as you please. This will make the bathroom a bit more private space and add in some functionality as well. More wall means more space to install decors after all.

You do need to be careful of your budget though as some of the walls can get quite expensive. But keeping that aside, there are virtually no drawbacks to this design idea - unless you have a small bathroom. In that case, stick to the mirrors if you want to segment the room. Walls do take a bit more space than the mirrors. 

5) Bright LED lights

bright led lights

A barrier creates shadows, regardless of if it is a curtain or a wall. And as we all know, shadows reduce visibility. This is normally not much of an issue in most of the rooms in the house except for bathrooms. As we mentioned earlier, the bathroom is one of the places where there is a constant risk of slipping. On top of that, bathroom floors are rater hard without anything to reduce your floor damage.

So if you can't see well in this type of area, you can fall very easily. Due to this, using bright light is not only a good idea for bathroom design but an important element of the bathrooms as well. And we all know that a well-lit room is good for general aesthetics as well as enhancing your emotions as well.

Just be sure to match the brightness to the size of the bathrooms. Too much brightness in a bathroom can easily skew your vision just as much as darkness. 

6) Color Changing LED lights

color change led lights

This bathroom design idea is for all those who love the funky aesthetic in their bathrooms. A color-changing led light is always fun to look at, especially if you want to relax or have some fun thoughts. Since we do quite a lot of thinking in the bathroom, adding this element to the overall aspect of bathroom design might be just what you need. You can fully customize the type of color you want in those LED lights and can pick where you want to set them up. Along with this, since you can get color-changing LED lights in either tubes or strings, you can virtually arrange them in any shape you want. 

That being said, you should use this bathroom design idea in moderation because too many color-changing LED lights can impede your sight. You should also be c careful about the brightness of the lights. If you use very bright flashing lights, it can easily cause you to be dizzy. We suggest you use color-changing LEDs of low or medium brightness to highlight the mirrors or sinks. If you can afford it, go for the tube ones as well. 

7) Use unusual colors

unusual colors for bathrooms

If you are positive about using color-changing LED lights, then you will also love this. In fact, this is a good bathroom design idea for anyone who is bored of normal bathrooms. Instead of painting your bathroom walls with the same old beige and white, why not use unusual colors? The colors can be anything like pink or green. All you need to do is pick a theme with your color in mind and set the color of your bathroom accordingly.

If you pull it off, you will have one of the most unique bathrooms in your area. You will get an enjoyable ambiance, a unique sense of being home, and get to be in complete control of the interior of your bathroom. But you do need to compliment the rest of the bathroom design with your unusual color in mind.

This is an important point to note while using unusual colors in your bathroom. If you don't set a theme that compliments the color, it can turn disastrous and be an eyesore rather easily. If you want to follow this design idea but remain on the safe side, we recommend you stick with colors like dark green, pink, and orange. They are rather unique colors for bathrooms but still not too unexpected ones. 

8) Add in Plants

plants in bathroom

When we think about using plants as interior decor, the bathroom is one of the last places that comes into our mind. However, bathrooms are some of the best places to use plants as interior decor. There are very few decors that are suited to use in a bathroom, so why leave out the ones that can be used.

Not only will plants provide that much-needed natural aesthetic to the entire bathroom but if your bathroom has a source of natural sunlight, the plants can even thrive in such an environment providing you with fresh air. Adding in plants to the interior Bathroom design is especially a good idea if you have a balcony attached to it. In this case, you can even start a small garden in which you can stare as you relax while taking a shower or doing the deed. 

You will have to spend some extra effort and time to take care of the plants but for all the aesthetic beauty and freshness it provides, we say the effort is worth the effect. For those who don't have a bathroom with natural sunlight, don't worry for you can find plenty of plants that do not require sunlight like Chinese evergreen, cast iron plant, or dumb crane. These plants retain their green aesthetic with or without the sun. 

9) Contrast with Black and White

contrast with black and white

If you are someone who is done trying new things like color-changing LED lights and unusual designs, why not use tried and tested black and white interior for bathroom designs. This is one of those color schemes for bathroom interior that is all about having that classy ambiance.

It not only looks stylish and sophisticated but it also gives that illusion of the bathroom being bigger than it is. This is due to the contrast between the two opposite colors. It is easy to look at, gives you great visibility, and can easily be customized. The biggest advantage of having a black and white interior is that you can easily outline areas to give the entire room a three-dimensional feel, even in spaces where there are no dimensions. 

This interior design idea may not appeal to everyone since it is somewhat monotonous, but it is one of those tried and tested bathroom designs that many people find easy to relax on. 

10) Use Textured Walls

textured walls

One of the best ways to enhance the ambiance of any room is through the use of textured walls. This is not a new method but this is one of the simplest and most effective ones. Having textured walls, if used correctly is not only appealing to the eye but also to touch as well. The primary purpose of the texture is to enhance tactile sensation. But besides this, the textures also give dimension to the otherwise plain walls.

Along with enhancing the beauty of the wall, the texture is also one of the best ways to hide imperfections in the walls as well. The best part about using textured walls is that you can combine this bathroom design idea with virtually every other from design concepts - as long as it doesn't require smooth textures. 

The only drawback of using a textured wall is that they cost slightly more than non-textured ones, which in the broader isn't really much of an issue.

In the end

bathroom design

Whether be it taking a shower, taking a long bath, or just doing your business, you spend quite a significant amount of time in your bathroom. And since it is the only room in our house where we can stay without any worries, its interior has a significant effect on our lives.

Here we talked about 10 ideas to enhance the beauty of our bathroom designs. While some of them are all about enhancing the vibrance, others are about giving it a natural feeling. But regardless of which bathroom design room idea you implement, remember to plan it thoroughly. 

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