Choosing Kitchen Appliances for Modern Kitchen in Nepal

Choosing Kitchen Appliances for Modern Kitchen in Nepal

A kitchen is just an empty room without appliances. While they may not be directly related to the interior design, they are necessary to make it functional. Because of this, kitchen appliances do play a considerable role in the interior design of the kitchen, be it modern or traditional. Some of the design concepts are based on kitchen appliances, like Modular kitchen design.

Without appliances, you cannot do anything in the kitchen, so you need to pick the right kitchen gadgets. However, it can be hard to choose the right kitchen appliances. You need to factor in many variables to make an intelligent decision about them. How do you choose the right kitchen appliances? Well, we are here to guide you on this aspect. 

Let's start with the general guide on "how to choose" before moving on to the specifics!

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As we mentioned, there are many variables that can influence your decision on kitchen appliances. Each choice you make will depend on the kitchen gadgets. However, before you even move on to the specifics, you still need to pick out the kitchen tools/ appliances. How do you pick them? 

We have some guidelines prepared for you just in case you were wondering about this. Let's take a look.

1) Identify Your Needs

One of the best ways to filter out kitchen gadgets for your Modular kitchen design is to consider the absolute necessities for your kitchen. As humans, we all have wants and needs. But while you may want a kitchen appliance, you may not necessarily need them. Remember that your wants are not your needs. 

You can still make a kitchen function if it lacks the appliances you want. However, if you lack the kitchen gadgets you need, your kitchen will not be functional. Your needs may vary as well. If you know how to bake and eat baked goods often, you will need an oven. However, if baked foods are not a part of your daily diet, a baking oven is just a want.

Keep a list of kitchen appliances that you need for your average diet, along with a list for those that can enhance your regular food experiences. The first list is for your needs, and the second is for your wants. 

2) Price

Kitchen Appliances -price

Price is always a huge factor when we deal with purchasing anything. This applies to choosing kitchen appliances. If you have a low budget, you might need to compromise on the appliances you need. On the other hand, if you have an adequate budget, you can purchase the kitchen appliances you want. 

Your budget and the price of the appliance also affect the grade of kitchen gadgets you choose. The lower your budget, the more compromise you will need to make on the quality. So while choosing appliances for your Modular kitchen, always be mindful of how much money you have and can spend. If you are having issues deciding, you can reach out to us. Ultra Interio provides you with the best kitchen appliances at affordable prices as per your need!

3) Functionality

The concept here is rather simple. If you can, always pick the gadget that has multiple functionalities. The only catch here is that multi-function gadgets may not always be the prettiest nor cheapest of the bunch. However, if one kitchen gadget can function as two, it will save you some money in the long run. 

Looking at the functionality of the kitchen tools is helpful if you have a smaller kitchen size as well. The smaller the size, the more optimized the gadget. So if you have a smaller kitchen, choosing a multi-purpose kitchen appliance might be what you need to make your kitchen fully functional without compromising the budget or beauty.

4) Space

Kitchen Appliances -space

Another one of the straightforward tips for you when choosing kitchen gadgets; always think about your kitchen size and aesthetic before choosing your appliances. There are tons of big gadgets out there. Refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, and dishwashers can be quite significant. 

However, there are smaller versions of these appliances as well. So if your kitchen is small or has less specified for gadgets like these, pick a smaller one. They are usually cheaper but still do what they were designed for, albeit with reduced efficiency. 

5) Kitchen Design

Along with the space, you also have to think about your kitchen aesthetic and design while choosing your kitchen appliances. While aesthetic is among the last things you should consider, the design still plays an important factor when choosing the perfect kitchen gadgets. You wouldn't want to ruin your mood just because of one ugly-looking appliance in an overall well-designed kitchen.

Besides the look, kitchen design indirectly influences the appliances' size, functionality, and functionality. A minimalist kitchen will need multi-purpose kitchen appliances. The same goes for small kitchen designs as well. On the other hand, if you have a relatively large kitchen with an open design, your choice of appliances will venture out to big specialized ones. 

These are just some general factors you should consider while choosing kitchen appliances for Modern and Modular Kitchens in Nepal. If you want to pick the perfect and optimized kitchen tools, then you should use these as a guide and make your checklist. If you need guidance in doing this, UltraInterio is here to provide you with complete guidance.

Some core kitchen appliances for your Modern Kitchen

Moving on from the general guidelines, let's talk about some core kitchen appliances. These are the kitchen gadgets or kitchen tools that you must have. Without these, cooking and cleaning will be a lot harder for you. Some of the core kitchen gadgets are a must-have. They include things like Cooktop and sinks. Along with these, some core kitchen gadgets are optional but whose absence will make your life in the kitchen harder than it needs to be. 

Are you getting curious? Let's see what they are!

1) Cooktop

Kitchen Appliances -cooktop

Without a cooktop, you cannot cook. If you are wondering what a cooktop is, it is a kitchen appliance that you use to cook your food by providing direct heat from below. This includes a gas stove, heaters, and induction stove. It is a must-have kitchen appliance. You cannot cook most of the foods without this appliance.

If you question how to choose the perfect Cooktop for your kitchen, consider your budget and efficiency. Although there are several designs for cooktops, they are pretty simple and are meant to fit in with just about every interior. However, their budget and efficiency vary. A gas stove is highly efficient but is costly. On the other hand, a heater is cheap to install but less efficient and increases your electricity bill. 

The induction stove, on the other hand, stands somewhere in between. It is moderately expensive to install and is a bit taxing on a long-term budget. 

2) Ovens

The oven is not a must-have kitchen appliance unless you have baked foods in your daily diet. You can have a professional-grade kitchen without an oven. However, it does enhance our eating experience. With this single kitchen appliance, you will unlock a whole plethora of delicacies. But not all ovens are built the same. 

Some ovens are just meant to warm your food; others are meant to warm, bake, and grill. There are various sizes of ovens as well. The price of the oven varies a lot as well. You can have a cheap one for less than 15 thousand NPR or expensive ones exceeding a few tens of thousands. The size, functionality, and quality of the oven play a huge role in influencing your budget and choice when it comes to choosing this kitchen appliance. 

3) Refrigerator

Kitchen Appliances -refrigerator

Is a refrigerator a necessity? Although it is not an absolute necessity, they are extremely useful. Without a refrigerator/ fridge, you can only buy your groceries in small bulks, which can be quite troublesome. Along with this, without the fridge, you can't have any leftovers. 

As we all know, the primary purpose of a refrigerator is to keep foods fresh for a long period. So without a kitchen appliance to do this, you will need to compromise a lot on your food freedom; but you can have a professional-grade Modular kitchen without a fridge.

If you have the budget, you should get one. In the process of getting this kitchen appliance, you should consider the size, advanced features, budget, and power consumption. The bigger the size, the more power it will consume. Features also affect power consumption. The same goes for budget and design. The price of a refrigerator is directly proportional to its size, features, and design. 

You can do well with a single-door refrigerator or a mini-fridge if you are low on budget. Although they are somewhat limited on features, they will keep your food fresh. On the other hand, if you have the money and space, you can go all out and get the best refrigerators out there. 

4) Sinks

You cannot have a functional Modern Kitchen without a properly functioning sink. It is one of those must-have kitchen gadgets out there. This is the appliance that you use to wash your utensils and clean your foods. In short, sinks are the cleaning station of your kitchen. 

In its simplest form, a sink is a tap with a drainage system, and the simplest of sink designs can look quite crude. However, these crude-looking kitchen sinks can be aesthetically pleasing in the right kitchen design. 

On the flip side, you can have sinks that are jam-packed with advanced features. Such a sink may have push-to-drain buttons, water pressure controllers for better cleaning, or a water-inbuilt water heating system. Some sinks are exquisitely designed. Naturally, highly designed and featured sinks will be highly-priced. Therefore, although sinks are necessary for any form of kitchen, you must consider their features and design while choosing them.

5) Food processor

Kitchen Appliances -food processor

While the kitchen gadgets that we have mentioned are vital parts of the kitchen, a food processor is an optional kitchen appliance. While the oven is not a vital part, no other appliance can substitute. However, unlike an oven, you can use other tools to function as a food processor. 

The primary function of a food processor is to knead, chop, and blend. You can easily do these things without a food processor. The only difference is that doing these without a food processor will take manual work.

So if you are limited on budget, you can choose to not have a food processor. Nevertheless, if you want one, you should consider its power, durability, size, and power before you choose one. These are the factors that determine how professional a food processor is. A highly powered, adequately sized food processor can not only chop and blend foods but also pulverize foods. But they do consume a lot of power to do these things. 

6) Dish Washer

Similar to a food processor, you can do fairly well without this kitchen appliance. In fact, many people don't have DishWashers at their homes. However, having this kitchen appliance in a Modern Kitchen will save a ton of your time and effort. As its name suggests, this gadget is meant for making the process of dishwashing quick, effective, and automatic. 

Like other kitchen gadgets, you can have a simple one with base features or an advanced one. The simpler Dishwashers just make washing dishes automatic. Still, with the complex ones, you will get advanced features such as increased efficiency in washing, noise cancellation, more space, water savings, increased control level, full automation, an inbuilt dryer, and so on. 

The dishwashers have varying capacities and finishes as well. So depending on your needs and wants, you can pick one from a multitude of options. Just remember that with the increase in size and features, the price will increase. 

In the end

Kitchen Appliances - Dish washer

Kitchen appliances make the room functional. Without them, the kitchen will just be an empty room. But besides making the kitchen functional, these appliances also add character and life to the kitchen. 

Admittedly you can find choosing kitchen appliances for a modern kitchen quite hard. There are a lot of options for this. However, with some simple guidance and some know-how, the process can be simplified. 

Here we talked about five general tips to choose kitchen appliances along with 6 of the core gadgets used in the kitchen.

If you found this entertaining and helpful, why not check out some of our other articles on interior design? And if you want expert advice on Interior Design In Nepal, you can simply contact us.